Identity theft reported

A Munson Township resident reported being defrauded of nearly $3,000 last week.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office said an Auburn Road resident came to the Geauga County Safety Center Aug. 8 to report identity theft. The resident told deputies they had received bills and collection notices for phones that were bought using their personal information.

The bills totaled $1,306.84 and $1,520.51.

The resident was advised to cancel the accounts and to notify the Social Security Administration.

Police investigate bar brawl

Chardon Police are trying to sort out who may be the victims and who are the assailants in an Aug. 4 bar brawl.

Chardon Police Chief Scott Niehus said police were called to the Chardon Tavern and Grill on Water Street (Route 6) on a report of a man bleeding from the back of his head.

Chief Niehus said a video showed about a half dozen persons involved in a fight that began in the bar and spilled out into the parking lot. A video camera is being used to determine who was involved and who did what in the incident.

He said the case will be sent to the police prosecutor.

Boy flown to hospital

A 2-year-old Burton Township boy was transported by emergency helicopter last week after falling backward off a swing.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office said deputies were dispatched Aug. 7 to a Georgia Road School where the child was reportedly semi-conscious.

Middlefield Fire Department transported the boy to the Geauga County Airport where he was flown to a Cleveland hospital.

The sheriff’s office said they had not received word on the condition of the child.

Man wired $5,000 in alleged scam

An Auburn Township resident reported last week that he was the target of scam.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office said a Williamsburg Court resident reported Aug. 9 that a company had wired $5,000 into his bank account and then asked for his bank information.

The resident notified his bank to freeze his accounts and was advised to file a report with the bank.

Film crew barges into station

A service station in Troy Township experienced some tense moments last week as people with masks, who kicked in the door and showed a gun, barged into the station.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office reported, however, that deputies that responded to the Aug. 10 call found a film crew there, not robbers.

According to the sheriff’s office, the crew was filming a zombie movie, but failed to notify anyone of their intent.

Police said luckily no one was hurt during the incident.

Car theft under investigation

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a reported car theft last week in Chardon Township.

The sheriff’s office said a Shasta Drive resident reported Aug. 10 that they had parked their car, a black 2018 Nissan Sentra, in the driveway when they went to bed and found it missing when they awoke.

The car also reportedly contained personal items.

The car was entered into the data base for stolen vehicles.

Man reportedly overdoses

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office and Newbury Fire Department were called on last week to revive a man suspected of a heroin overdose.

According to the sheriff’s office, a deputy responded to a report Aug. 7 at 9988 Kinsman Road where the caller reported a 30-year-old man locked inside a car, who appeared to have overdosed. The caller reported the man had a history of heroin use.

Deputies reported that entry was made into the vehicle and the man was reportedly “awake but out of it.”

Passerby dishonors produce stand

Owners of a roadside produce stand in Hambden Township reported the theft of money and produce last week.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office said a Chardon Windsor Road resident reported Aug. 6 that the honor system employed at the stand did not work with one passerby, with them taking money and produce.

Sheriff deputies provided advice on how to provide more security at the stand. An investigation is continuing, police said.

Chardon resident reports burglary

A Chardon Township resident reported a burglary last week.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office said an Auburn Road resident reported Aug. 8 that they had returned home from work in the morning to find items thrown around and laptops gone.

An investigation is continuing.

Resident reports credit scam

A Claridon Township resident reported being victimized last week by someone using their bank account and home as a delivery destination.

According to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office, an Essex Court resident reported Aug. 8 that they had found charges on their bank account from Amazon that they did not order. The homeowner told deputies that whoever is using their personal information is also having the ordered items delivered to their home and getting them before the homeowner was aware they were delivered.

The homeowner told deputies that the charges now total $800.

The homeowner cancelled their Amazon account and was credited by the bank for the charges.

Porch hole puzzles police

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office is puzzled over what caused a hole in a Claridon Township porch roof.

The sheriff’s office said they were called to a Chardon Windsor Road home Aug. 10 where a resident reported hearing a loud boom around 2:45 a.m. When they checked outside later that morning, the homeowner found a “huge hole” in the porch roof.

A deputy reported that an unknown object appeared to have come through the roof and the damage may have been caused by an explosion.

Domestic violence charge

A 34-year-old Orwell woman was charged with domestic violence last week after a disturbance at a Claridon Township home.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office said deputies were called Aug. 11 to a Mayfield Road (Route 322) home where a couple was engaged in a fight.

Police said the homeowner told deputies that he had been living with the woman for about a month and had asked her to leave. She reportedly then began beating him and throwing objects around.

In addition to the domestic violence offense, the woman was also charged with disorderly conduct.

Deputies bust traffic hazard

Deputies with the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office quickly removed a traffic hazard last week after hearing complaints from residents.

Deputies were dispatched to the intersection of Bass Lake and Butternut roads Monday where residents complained of an advertising sign that had been attached to a utility pole. The residents complained it was blocking their view of traffic.

The deputy removed the “Geauga Dirt Busters” sign that had been attached with screws and washers, quickly remedying the problem.

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