Police investigating burglary

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a reported burglary last week in Hambden Township.

According to the sheriff’s office, a woman reported June 6 that she went to her daughter’s home on Brakeman Road and found the doors open and clothing thrown all over the floor.

Homeowners were still attempting to determine if anything was stolen, and an investigation is continuing, police said.

Man charged in incident

A 25-year-old Munson Township man was charged with domestic violence last week after a woman called for help.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office said a woman called June 7, saying she needed help because her boyfriend was punching her. Responding deputies reported that the woman had been struck several times.

Although the boyfriend fled the scene, he later turned himself in, police said. He was charged with domestic violence, a fourth-degree felony because of prior convictions and disorderly conduct.

Deputies searching for man

Geauga County Sheriff deputies are on the hunt for a man who reportedly accosted a woman in Munson Township last week.

The sheriff’s office said a woman called June 9 to report she was thrown into a briar patch just minutes earlier and had been thrown into a windshield the day before. The woman told deputies the man may have gone to Cleveland, and police said they are still searching for the man.

Police advise on drone problem

A Burton Township sheep farmer sought the advice of police last week after a drone scared his sheep.

According to the Geauga County Sheriff’s office, a Kinsman Road (Route 87) resident called June 5 to report that someone continues to fly a drone over his property, scaring his sheep. The farmer told deputies that one of the sheep was injured after the drone sent it running.

He asked deputies if it is legal to shoot the drone from the sky. Deputies advised the man not to shoot the drone and offered alternatives to that solution.

Resident reports possible scam

A Troy Township resident was advised last week to avoid being scammed.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office said a Main Market Road (Route 422) resident reported June 5 that a J&J Paving Co. had stopped at the home and offered to pave half of her drive for free before returning at a later date and finishing the job at a low price.

The woman told deputies she did not give any money or bank information to the pavers, but accepted the deal.

The resident believed it was a scam and called police in hope of preventing others from being scammed.

Drunk driving convictions

The following persons were convicted of drunken driving last week in Chardon Municipal Court: Mercedes T. Stone, 36, of Cleveland; Jack E. Arnold, 44, of Auburn Township and Edward Lee Viola, 38, of Bristolville.

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