Charges linked to illegal fireworks

A Medina man was cited for illegal possession of fireworks among other charges on Aug. 12.

At 3:15 p.m., an officer stopped a car for traffic violations on Route 422, specifically a loud muffler and driving on the fog line.

The driver indicated he had no license and was extremely nervous, the report said. Police said there was an odor of bunt marijuana coming from inside of the vehicle. The driver handed over a package with a little bit of marijuana and a glass water bong packed with marijuana, police said.

He was also driving under suspension and in the rear of the vehicle were a number of fireworks covered by a tarp. The bomb squad confirmed they were illegal fireworks, police said.

Brian Hatch, 49, was cited for driving under suspension, faulty exhaust, drug abuse, possession of paraphernalia and illegal possession of fireworks, police said.

The fireworks were ceased and stored at the Solon Police Department.

Toy bomb found in bin

A suspicious device found in a public clothing bin was reported to police Aug. 6.

At 9:40 a.m., police responded to Planet Aid, 30901 Carter St., where workers discovered a package inside the clothing bin that was suspicious. It was described as flares bundled tightly with speakers attached. The device was wrapped in bubble wrap.

Police said the red plastic cylinders that resembled dynamite or a pipe bomb resulted in the building being evacuated for about an hour. The bomb squad inspected the device and determined it was a toy bomb and deemed the area safe.

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