Girls Basketball

Chagrin Division Standings: 1. West Geauga, 12-1; 2. Chagrin Falls, 10-3; 3. Hawken School, 7-6; 3. Orange, 7-6; 5. Beachwood, 2-11.

Coach of the Year: Bob Beutel, West Geauga.

Most Valuable Player: Athena Hocevar, Jr., guard, West Geauga.

First Team: Madison Prince, Jr., guard, Beachwood; Bella Dalessandro, Sr., guard, Chagrin Falls; Kaydan Lawson, Sr., guard, Orange; Mahogany Sanford, Sr., guard, Orange; Nicola Ehrbar, Jr., guard, West Geauga.

Second Team: Katie Kwasny, Sr., forward, Chagrin Falls; Carolyn Bencko, Sr., guard, Chagrin Falls; Maya Dori, So., guard, Hawken; Makayla White, So., forward, Hawken; Sarah Brown, So., forward, Beachwood; Alexa Hocevar, Fr., forward, West Geauga.

Honorable Mention: Lily Karyo, Jr., guard, Chagrin Falls; Julia Santamaria, Jr., guard, Chagrin Falls; Julianna Pollard, So., guard, Hawken; Gabi Cicerini, Jr., forward, Hawken; Noelle Laisure, Sr., guard, Orange; Jesseca Hudson-Turpin, Sr., forward, Orange; MJ Thomsen, Sr., guard, West Geauga; Lauren Munko, Jr., wing, West Geauga.

Boys Basketball

Chagrin Division Standings: 1. Chagrin Falls, 11-2; 2. Beachwood, 10-3; 3. Orange, 8-5; 4. West Geauga, 8-5; 5. Hawken School, 1-12.

Coach of the Year: Dave Bargar, Chagrin Falls.

Most Valuable Player: Daryl Houston, Jr., guard, Beachwood.

First Team: Josh Norton, Jr., forward, Chagrin Falls; Xavier Perez, Jr., guard, Chagrin Falls; Nicholas Walters, Sr., guard, Orange; Josh Irwin, Sr., forward, West Geauga; Peyton Bissler, Sr., guard, West Geauga.

Second Team: Jalen Minter, So., guard, Beachwood; Moe Jones, Jr., guard, Beachwood; Cam Owen, Sr., guard, Chagrin Falls; Eli Buchanan, Jr., forward, Hawken; Donald Hughes, Sr., forward, Orange; Scott Minor, Sr., guard, Orange.

Honorable Mention: Jack McMullen, Jr., forward, Chagrin Falls; Tate Yonker, Jr., guard, Chagrin Falls; Shin Ng, Jr., forward, Hawken; Eddie Ross, Jr., forward, Hawken; Harrison Pyner, Sr., guard, Orange; Myles King, Sr., guard, Orange; Aidan Pitcock, Sr., guard, West Geauga; Anthony Formichelli, Jr., guard, West Geauga.

Girls Swimming

Chagrin Division Standings: 1. Hawken School, 481; 2. Chagrin Falls, 286; 3. Orange, 158; 4. West Geauga, 95; 4. Geneva, 95; 6. Lakeside, 75; 7. Edgewood, 46.

Coach of the Year: Tim Hable, Hawken School.

Most Valuable Player: Jessica Eden, So., Hawken School.

First Team Relays: 200 medley (Jessica Eden, Lindsay Berlin, Maggie Mallett, Ashlyn Doorley) Hawken; 200 freestyle (Bainon Hart, Danielle Turi, Lauren Musbach, Ella Gilson) Hawken; 400 freestyle (Ella Gilson, Lindsay Berlin, Tori Culotta, Jessica Eden) Hawken.

First Team Individuals: Jessica Eden, So., Hawken, 200 freestyle; Chloe Katz, Jr., Hawken, 200 individual medley; Lauren Musbach, Sr., Hawken, 50 freestyle; Kate LaMonica, Jr., Chagrin Falls, diving; Lily Klinginsmith, So., Orange, 100 butterfly; Claire Pophal, Jr., Hawken, 100 freestyle; Sydney Bare, Jr., Hawken, 500 freestyle; Bainon Hart, Sr., Hawken, 100 backstroke; Lindsay Berlin, Sr., Hawken, 100 breaststroke.

Second Team Relays: 200 medley (Katie Hollington, Katherine Hamilton, Lily Klinginsmith, Anna Klinginsmith) Orange; 200 freestyle (Ellen Guddy, Madi Machado, Kate LaMonica, Libby Bare) Chagrin Falls; 400 freestyle (Katie Hollington, Katherine Hamilton, Anna Klinginsmith, Lily Klinginsmith) Orange.

Second Team Individuals: Lily Klinginsmith, So., Orange, 200 freestyle; Tori Culotta, So., Hawken, 200 individual medley; Chloe Katz, Jr., Hawken, 50 freestyle; Ariana Khan, Jr., Hawken, diving; Ella Gilson, Jr., Hawken, 100 butterfly; Chloe Bautista, So., Hawken, 100 freestyle; Maggie Mallett, So., Hawken, 500 freestyle; Madi Machado, Fr., Chagrin Falls, 100 backstroke; Madi Machado, Fr., Chagrin Falls, 100 breaststroke.

Honorable Mention: Grace Svette, Fr., Chagrin Falls; Isabella Klug, Sr., Chagrin Falls; Lexi Cunningham, Fr., Hawken; Rachel Clark, Sr., Hawken; Sydney Golovan, Fr., Orange; Pannonica Silvestri, So., Orange; Ashley Chase, Fr., West Geauga; Asa Eddy, So., West Geauga.

Boys Swimming

Chagrin Division Standings: 1. Hawken School, 449; 2. Chagrin Falls, 361; 3. Orange, 139; 4. West Geauga, 121; 5. Lakeside, 79; 6. Geneva, 63.

Coach of the Year: Beth Sonnhalter, Chagrin Falls.

Most Valuable Player: John Cashy, Sr., Chagrin Falls.

First Team Relays: 200 medley (Clark Reboul, John Cashy, Michael Tropf, Parker Broz) Chagrin Falls; 200 freestyle (John Cashy, Parker Broz, Michael Tropf, Clark Reboul) Chagrin Falls; 400 freestyle (Alex Podrez, Michael Butler, Grayson Fair, Will Dietz) Hawken.

First Team Individuals: Alex Podrez, Jr., Hawken, 200 freestyle; Connor Brown, Jr., Hawken, 200 individual medley; Clark Reboul, Sr., Chagrin Falls, 50 freestyle; Angus Williams, Jr., Hawken, diving; John Cashy, Sr., Chagrin Falls, 100 butterfly; Will Dietz, So., Hawken, 100 freestyle; Madan Morris, So., Hawken, 500 freestyle; John Cashy, Sr., 100 backstroke; Alex Podrez, Jr., 100 breaststroke.

Second Team Relays: 200 medley (Madan Morris, Hunter Forsythe, Matthew Schmidt, Phillip Pioro) Hawken; 200 freestyle (Donovan Reed, Grayson Fair, Jacob Esposito, Madan Morris) Hawken; 400 freestyle (Clark Reboul, Zachary Muckle, Bobby Munz, Michael Tropf) Chagrin Falls.

Second Team Individuals: Madan Morris, So., Hawken, 200 freestyle; Michael Butler, Jr., Hawken, 200 individual medley; Phillip Pioro, Sr., Hawken, 50 freestyle; Keanu Sherman, So., Chagrin Falls, diving; Matthew Schmidt, Jr., Hawken, 100 butterfly; Zachary Muckle, So., Chagrin Falls, 100 freestyle; Hunter Forsythe, Sr., Hawken, 500 freestyle; Will Dietz, So., Hawken, 100 backstroke; Michael Tropf, Jr., Chagrin Falls, 100 breaststroke.

Honorable Mention: Josh Rooney, So., Chagrin Falls; Max Klug, Fr., Chagrin Falls; Abraham Silvers, So., Hawken; David Ricci, Jr., Hawken; Isaac Jang, Sr., Orange; Alan Golubitsky, Jr., Orange; Eli Harvey, Sr., West Geauga; Josh Burdecki, Jr., West Geauga.

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