So, it looks like plastic is out and paper is in. Bags, that is.

Yours truly has mixed feelings about the ban on plastic Cuyahoga County Council members voted into law recently.

On one hand I shudder seeing those wayward “single use” CVS bags dangling from tree limbs like ghost tinsel from Christmas past.

On the other, what are we dog parents going to use to pick up their poo? We will be forced to spend money on fancy made-for-poo bags. Or will these be outlawed too? They are single use plastic bags or should be if used correctly.

The ban goes into effect Jan. 1 so there is time to start hoarding. A friend confided that she and her husband found a wholesale plastic bag manufacturer and bought a batch of bags they gauge will last a year and maybe longer if their dogs cooperate.

Many of us dog people started to feel the plastic pinch when our BCD (big city daily) went to an electronic edition of the newspaper.

The plastic sleeves protected the news from the elements and made perfect poo mittens. Alas, now there are fewer of these and now used on certain days when the real paper newspaper is home delivered.

The hometown weekly you are reading is delivered baglessly by mail and no help in the poo pick-up department.

So, the BCD bags are a treasured commodity. The large Sunday edition bags are especially coveted by those with more than one dog.

But are newspaper bags on the Cuyahoga County Council’s hit list? Even non-dog owners see these as a necessity against naked news exposed to the elements.

Do you remember newspapers before plastic bags? Do you remember what happened when it rained?

More than once, we had to wait to read the paper until it was baked dry in the oven which was a fire hazard but necessary as it was impossible to read a papier mache edition of the news.

But I digress.

I guess we can all shop in Geauga County where there is no plastic bag ban yet. Can’t see the Geauga County Commissioners following the lead of their Cuyahoga brethren.

Why? Because the Geauga County Commissioners are good old-fashioned conservatives who I suspect don’t think much about plastic bags and their effect on the environment, whales who think they are jellyfish and eat them or the visual blight caused by stray bags tangled in the trees.

Trees? What about the trees? They are used to make paper that become paper bags. What about the pillaging of our forests?

OK, I must confess my two years in Oregon a few decades back taught me a few things about the big paper manufacturer’s way of doing business. There is no pillaging.

Paper companies did and do not randomly clear cut the forests with no thought to the future of those forests. These big manufacturers operate like cut-it-yourself Christmas tree farms but on a much much bigger scale.

They bought entire mountains for the planned production of trees for paper, timing their planting for an ongoing and never-ending supply of the resource. There were always trees being cut down, new ones being planted and those ready for the next harvest.

Here we are off the tracks again. Getting back to life without free dog poo bags. This is now top of my ever-growing list of annoyances.

Second are professional hockey teams from places like Arizona where ice is not a naturally occurring event. Hockey teams from Arizona and other places where temperatures never dip to below freezing is a crime against nature.

Third are those Canadian immigrants from the Toronto Blue Jays playing America’s favorite pastime. If Trump wants to build a wall, he ought to look north, not south.

And while we’re on the subject of the great orange POTUS, where does he stand on paper or plastic?

A veteran reporter and columnist, Barbara Christian has been covering Chagrin Falls since 1967 and is currently responsible for Chagrin Falls village events, government and school board news along with her weekly column "Window on Main Street."

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