Always proud of Black Knights

This letter is in reference to the situation facing the Newbury Local School District. A recent survey noted that “declining enrollment and financial stability” are among the challenges facing the school. While declining enrollment is a situation facing all schools in Northeast Ohio, the financial instability situation has been caused specifically by three members of the current school board as they continue to bleed the school dry over the coming months by not placing a renewal levy on the ballot.

The fact that the school board president said that the board cannot delay this (vote for territory transfer) and it needs to give time for parents to open enroll their children elsewhere for next year is very concerning to me.  Why for next year?  The school is to be open through the 2019-2020 school year. What would make us want to leave the school a year early?  It seems the goal here is to solidify or justify the decision made and then back it later in the year with another “declining enrollment” discussion.   This school board has done nothing to encourage the students that are here or encourage them to want to be a part of the school, but instead, have promoted going anywhere but here.  I thought the goal of the school board was to promote the best interests of the students attending the district they represent.

Unfortunately, West Geauga will be faced with adding hundreds of new voters to their district who will be voting no on future levies and bond issues. Those opposed to the territory transfer will show their opposition as they open enroll their students elsewhere and those for the territory transfer, who have vehemently and historically voted against increased taxes, will also be voting against them. For those of us that do have students at Newbury, the school is excellent. Everyone from the administrators to the teachers to the transportation and custodial staff, really care about each and every student. Without a school, the township truly loses its identity. Newbury will become a place to pass-through on the way to somewhere else. I hope the West Geauga Board of Education realizes what is coming prior to their vote. I hope the county school board takes into consideration what is best for the students, not the financial opinions on some community members. We will always be proud to be Black Knights.

Phil Paradise Jr.


District programs great

Recently I attended a Geauga Park District Program, it was called “Nature Break: Women’s Retreat” on Feb. 2. It was absolutely great. We snow-shoed around a path, made a snowman, measured for amount of snow fall, and enjoyed a Zumba workout. Also, we enjoyed a light breakfast and lunch, all for a nominal fee.

 The Geauga Park District and its programs, facilities and staff are really outstanding.

 This park system is far above anything around.  I encourage everyone to go out and enjoy the activities that are offered.

Esther Laczko


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