Knowing due process

A local publication on Dec. 19, 2019, claims that U.S. Rep. Dave Joyce cited his background as Geauga County prosecutor and he stated as follows: “Where due process was neglected, the majority of the testimony provided was second hand … and proof of impeachment acts was not articulated.”

His statement is not true.

Trump told 12 people not to testify. Trump told about 10 people to ignore lawful subpoenas. Trump told everyone not to turn over documents.

How can Joyce state these acts do not constitute obstruction? He must think the people of Geauga County are stupid. The shame is Republicans in Geauga County will continue to vote for him.

Years ago, I worked as a magistrate at Geauga County Common Pleas Court. Joyce was outside Judge Inderlied’s office talking to an unidentified man who apparently asked Joyce where the men’s room was. Dave Joyce asked me where it was. Joyce did not know. Apparently, Joyce spend such a small amount of time in the courthouse as prosecutor, he did not even know where the men’s room was.

If Joyce’s knowledge of “due process” and “proof of impeachable acts” equals his knowledge of the men’s room location, he knows nothing about either.

I would love to know how many cases Joyce tried as a prosecutor in his many years as prosecutor. I guess you could count them on one hand.

Joyce took an oath to uphold the Constitution. He just violated his oath.

How does Joyce explain all the emails released under the Freedome of Information act which show what Trump did? He will probably parrot the party line that the Democrats take these out of context. This is pure dribble.

If Joyce is a little bit honest and has half a brain, he would admit Trump obstructed Congress. How else can he explain all the subpoenas Trump told people to ignore and all the documents not turned over? The word “obstruction” leaps out.

Thomas J. Mullen


Support for Matthew Rambo

Tired of the judicial overreach, bullying, name calling and vindictiveness that has plagued Geauga County through the reign of Grendell, the citizens group Protect Geauga Parks endorses a brave challenger, Matthew Rambo for Probate and Juvenile Court Judge.

Matthew Rambo has the judicial temperament sorely needed in Geauga County. According to the American Bar Association, judicial temperament means that a judge exhibits “compassion, decisiveness, open-mindedness, sensitivity, courtesy, patience, freedom from bias and commitment to equal justice.”

With an excellent record of 12 years serving as a staff attorney and magistrate and three years in private practice, we believe that Matt Rambo can restore civility and respect for public servants and citizens that has been lacking in recent years. You need only to talk to Matthew Rambo for a short time to understand that he is open, honest and deliberative in his remarks. In my opinion, Matthew Rambo is devoid of the self-aggrandizing and vindictiveness that has been the hallmark of the current probate and juvenile court judge.

Here is a man with the humility and wisdom to appoint good people and let them do their job to Conserve, Preserve and Protect one of our greatest assets, our Geauga Park District.

Protect Geauga Parks supports Matthew Rambo for probate and juvenile court judge in the March 17 primary election.

Kathryn Hanratty

Chardon Township

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