Respect Ohio voters

I am writing in response to Mark Hennessey’s letter in the Nov. 25/26 edition of the Times.

Mr. Hennessey clearly states the blatant contempt the Republican members of the Ohio Redistricting Commission have for the citizens of Ohio. He cites the 2018 Constitutional amendment supported by 70 percent of Ohio voters. The spirit of this amendment was clearly to ensure fairer representation of Ohio voters. One application of this desire was to have state level representation more closely reflective of the popular vote. To wit: 2012-2020 average popular vote was 45 percent Democrat, 55 percent Republican, but the state legislature was 36 percent Democrat, 64 percent Republican. The recently approved maps predict 32 percent Democrat, 68 percent Republican.

I would like to point out that all of the Republican representatives on the commission voted in favor of these maps. These officials represent the Republican leadership of the executive branch, the House and the Senate. There is no reason to expect the Republican rank and file to have voted differently. The next general election is a year away but for anyone who respects the voters of Ohio please keep in mind that the current elected Republicans do not.

Conrad Foley

Chagrin Falls

Writer missed key facts

A letter to the editor on Nov. 25 questioned U.S. Rep. David Joyce, R-Bainbridge, regarding the Build Back Better Act. It was full of talking points and totally missed some key facts, my opinion.

The letter’s premise was that BBB, as scored by the CBO, actually only costs $160 billion over 10 years. On the surface that is true, but the facts are different. The following is based on an unbiased analysis by Newsweek Editorial Director Justin Haskins. 

The final BBB Act, “designed key parts to sunset at various times over the next several years while keeping funding mechanisms in place.

“By utilizing this misleading strategy, the CBO and other analysts are compelled to predict that BBB” will have a net-positive effect on the budget in 2027 and beyond. This almost certainly will not happen; it is incredibly unlikely that numerous key provisions of BBB will actually sunset according to the bill’s terms.”

Further, it states, “the sunset provisions put into the bill are designed to fool people into thinking it will cost much less than Democrats are planning to spend.”

The following are facts your writer either missed or failed to recognize.

Child tax credit – estimated cost, $130 billion / year and included in the Act’s costs for 1 year.  Really, one year? Let your writer do the simple math, $130 billion over 10 years is $1.3 trillion. Does your writer guarantee that this will be a “one year program”? No way, I think they “fooled” him on that one.

Transformative investment in universal pre-K and child care tax credit provisions – estimated cost “$390 billion, eliminated after 6 years.” Over 10 years, “the cost of the program would be more than $800 billon” per Newsweek. Does your writer guarantee that this will sunset after 6 years? Whoops, your writer was fooled again.

The Newsweek analysis ended with an estimated “cost of $1.7 trillion, over 10 years,” if programs were not ended at various times short of 10 years. In fact, the total will be at least $3 trillion, most likely even more. And, if the writer dug into the reasoning behind the sunset hocus pocus inserted into the bill at the last minute, he’d find that there were even a good number of Democrats who could not support this Act because they felt it included things the USA does not need, is too expensive and would most likely result in bankrupting the country. Instead of maligning Congressman Joyce, I think your writer should thank him for standing up for our country rather than falling for the “talking points” and then following all of the other lemmings off the cliff. Next up is the Senate debate and hopefully a more realistic accounting.

I was reminded of an old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

JF Kadunc

Bainbridge Township

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