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The Village Block Club Facebook page is a favorite thing of ours here at Window Central, not to mention the go-to place to post information on a lost or found pet.

If there is a more kind-hearted, animal loving group of people on the planet, we challenge you to prove it. Imagine the power of hundreds of pairs of eyes and ears alerted to the fact someone’s beloved dog or cat goes missing.

The following tale (pun intended) has it all from drama, love and worry, anger then redemption and a happy ending for everyone, including those of us who followed the story as it unfolded.

It began when an orange tabby found its way onto the front porch of a Good Samaritan who kindly fed it, took it in, posted tabby’s photo and asked if village Facebookers knew where he belonged.

No names here. Even the tabby has been renamed to protect his image.

Neighbor #1 – That’s Ted, the tabby of Hall Street. If you let him out, he will make his way home.

Good Samaritan – I would never let him cross Maple Street. He only has so many lives.

Neighbor #2 – Please let him go home. Just because an outdoor cat is outside does not mean he is being neglected. The owner may not be on Facebook and looking for him.

Neighbor #3 – When he came to my house weeks back I put food out for him and posted a photo. I got ridiculed but then I saw him again on a 28-degree night. As an animal lover, it’s upsetting to see a cat out on a freezing night.

Then Ted’s owner logs on, introduces herself and says: That’s my cat. Please let him out so he comes home! He loves the outside. No need to take him in. I’m then in a panic outside looking for him. I can come get him. What is your address?

Neighbor #4 – This page is full of lost cats who are picked up by concerned animal lovers when they are found out in the cold or on busy streets. I’m thankful that people care so much.

Ted’s owner – Being thoughtful and caring is one thing. Being critical and judgmental of people is rude. All of my pets are rescues. I wouldn’t purposely let my cat freeze which is what a lot of these comments were basically saying.

At this point, our Good Samaritan responds with her address and tells Ted’s mom she will be home at 5.

Ted’s Owner (from her car) – I’d like to get him now. Is anyone home? Trying to figure out which house was yours. What color is it? If I can’t get him before work, I can stop by after work at 10. Please get back to me.

Good Samaritan – The morning would be much better for me. I am sorry I was not home before you went to work.

Then things went south.

Ted’s Owner – NO! You cannot just hold my cat at your house! I will be there at 10 tonight! I will bring the police with me if I have to! This is totally unacceptable, not to mention against the law! I’m done playing games.

It is not clear how the reunion of Ted and his mom took place or when, but the following exchange appeared on the village Facebook page the next day:

Good Samaritan – So thankful Ted is home safe tonight. And nice to meet Ted’s mom. May all our loved ones, human and furry, stay safe.

Ted’s Mom – I would like to apologize to everyone for getting so upset. I had a sudden death in the family and was not myself. Thank you all for your care and concern of my Ted. And thank you too, Good Samaritan. It was so nice to meet you too! I’m sending you a friend request so in the future we can talk directly. At the moment, Ted is grounded!

Another happy ending supplied by the Village Block Club Facebook page and the people who make pet-and-owner reunions happen.

A veteran reporter and columnist, Barbara Christian has been covering Chagrin Falls since 1967 and is currently responsible for Chagrin Falls village events, government and school board news along with her weekly column "Window on Main Street."

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