Make Ohio better - Vote for Rader

Had enough of the Ohio General Assembly? You know, those are the folks who cater to special interests and who’ve done little or nothing at all for the good people of Ohio. A few choice examples: stealth tax break for Hunting Valley residents, House Speaker charged with racketeering in connection with multi-million dollar bailout of Indiana coal plant, evisceration of home rule, no action on gun violence after massacre in Dayton, no action to change school funding found unconstitutional 20 years ago by Ohio Supreme Court, diminished legal protections for Ohio citizens against spread of COVID-19, gerrymandered districts, voter suppression, and on and on and on.

Thanks in no small part to the poorly performing General Assembly, Ohio ranks a pitiful 39th of all 50 states in the U.S. News and World Report state ranking, which takes into account healthcare, education, economy, infrastructure, opportunity, fiscal stability, crime and corrections, and natural environment.

Ready for a change? Want someone in the General Assembly who will stand up for everyday Ohioans? Someone to be proud of? Vote for Betsy Rader for the Ohio Senate from District 18. She’s a tremendous candidate!

Through grit, innate talent and a big heart, she has worked her way from poverty to No. 1 in her class at Ohio State, to Yale Law School, to big law, to program director of a child advocacy program in Geauga County juvenile court (at a huge cut in pay), to senior counsel at the Cleveland Clinic, to positions at Medicare and Medicaid and to her own law firm, where she represents people who’ve been unlawfully fired. Plus lots of public service work helping the abused, the neglected and the under-served.

If you want an effective fighter for a better Ohio, including economic opportunities with jobs that pay good wages, affordable health care, quality public education, clean air, clean water, and fairly drawn voting districts, vote for Betsy Rader.

Mark Hennessey

Pepper Pike

Respect our flag

I don’t write letters to the editors often, but something has occurred that greatly disappoints me and makes me angry.

As a veteran of World War II, I refer to the creation, display and endorsement of the flag in any way.

The one and only American flag has a blue background and 50 stars. The blue background is the United States, each star represents a state of the Union. There are seven red stripes and six white stripes; the 13 stripes are for the original states.

The red stripes stand for blood that any American has lost, by death or wounding, in protection of our country. This includes the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, Merchant Marines and police whether they be male or female, white, black, yellow, red or polka dotted.

The black flag eliminates all of the above who made this sacrifice.

In short, the black flag is saying, “To heck with all of the above,” except living police, whether intentional or unknowing. Enough said.

Ben R. Shuman


Support Chagrin levy  

We would like to express our support for the Chagrin Falls Schools 3.85 mill levy that is on the Nov. 3 ballot. We have had two kids graduate from Chagrin and currently have a junior, and we continue to be impressed by the leadership and administration at Chagrin.  This levy passing will provide much needed funds without having any impact on our taxes at all, and will allow the district to continue providing the great education and experience that our kids deserve. We applaud the efforts of the district administrators and the board and hope that you will support the levy as we will. 

Bob and Kristin Tull

Chagrin Falls  

Prohibit mixed-use in future

The now defunct mixed-use proposal of Beech Brook failed for so many reasons. Pepper Pike Councilman Manohar Daga summed it up best at the July 15 special council meeting when he stated that the city had not made what should have been the first decision – whether or not the city was comfortable with the concept of mixed-use.

The answer is a resounding no. Mixed-use does not reflect the character of our bucolic community. There is no physical space in Pepper Pike that is appropriate for a mixed-use development, regardless of its size or intent.

Where would you put a mixed-use development – on the property owned by the Orange City School District behind the senior center and the library? We think not. Perhaps wedged in on the golf course property between the beautiful homes on Shaker Boulevard, Lander Road, and SOM Center Road. We think not. Perhaps we could rezone North Woodland and make it one long mixed-use plaza. Watch how quickly 500 more yard signs would pop-up.

The point is, there is no place and there is no desire for mixed-use in Pepper Pike; therefore we would like to see an addition to the zoning code that would prohibit mixed-use in our residential community. We are asking residents of Pepper Pike and nearby communities to contact the city planner, members of the Planning Commission and members of City Council and ask them to prohibit mixed-use by a referendum petition.

Manny and Judi Naft

Pepper Pike

Deer proofing a challenge

I got a chuckle from Timy Sullivan’s recent column about the deer eating her red impatiens. I feel her pain.  They got mine, too, in the dark of night, after all the lush hosta plants got their annual summer crew cuts.   Over the past few  years they have devoured a row of impatiens, and then marigolds, (supposedly deer-proof) that I planted along the edge of a flower bed near the road, and in pots scattered around the front yard.

Last year I decided to try begonias. The deer didn’t touch them so I planted begonias again this year and they are still there – big beautiful clumps of alternating red and white blooms. Begonias are now my flower of choice, so Timy,  I recommend them to you for next year, and if you plant them, please let me know if they survived your deer invasion. 

And my sympathies on the loss of your dear Rosie, too. I have enjoyed reading about her all these years.

Rosemary Balazs

Chester Township

Reflection on Trump signs

Driving around Geauga County, seeing so many, and various campaign signs in support of President Donald Trump gave me pause to consider what they were conveying.

Trump 2020 – Keep America Great: There are more than 200,000 Americans dead from a virus that in February of 2020 the president knew was very dangerous and was going to lead to a pandemic. There are approximately 13.5 million Americans unemployed and facing eviction from their homes, or losing their homes. How great is this?

Veterans for Trump: How can this be justified when a person criticizes a true American hero and veteran, John McCain, and disrespects Gold Star families, and then when the president’s own intelligence community provides information that there was a bounty placed on the lives of our American soldiers and the president seems to feel that there is not enough evidence to investigate the accusation further. This is support?

Trump – Pro Life: This one is very confusing because pro-life is more than pro-birth. Once a child is born we need to be responsible, to feed, educate and nourish. The president has cut programs such as SNAP, Federal Housing Assistance and the deepest cut to Medicaid which definitely impact a child’s life. Is President Trump pro-life or just pro-birth?

I try to live my life reflecting on the teachings of the Bible, not holding a Bible in my hand for a photo-op.

Debbie Reiter


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