Stacking the message

Last week I received a highly negative flyer concerning Eugene M. Bentley, who is running for the Ward 1 City Council seat.  The flyer was sponsored by the “Paid for by the Committee to Re-Elect Doug Magill.” First of all, I question the integrity of any campaign flyer that is totally negative. It is a typical propaganda technique called “card stacking.” Is the message here that there is nothing negative about Doug Magill? I highly doubt that. I really question the need for such a flyer.

I was going to let that go until I read an article in the Solon Times titled “State Senator Matt Dolan to address Solon City Council next week.” He is coming “at the request of Councilman Douglas A. Magill.” I applaud Mr. Magill for inviting Mr. Dolan to address City Council, but there was something strange about the article. It was a relatively short article, but Mr. Magill’s name was mentioned eight times. I would call that a little bit of self-promotion. You would think he (Magill) is running for re-election. Oh, that’s right, he is!

Terry Jordan


Dangers of e-cigarettes

I am reaching out to you today not only as your state representative, but also as an individual who is concerned about the harmful effects vaping has on our children. When a child vapes, they are inhaling poisonous materials such as nicotine, potential carcinogens and lead. I care deeply about the health and well-being of my constituents and want to ensure that you are aware of the dangers of vaping, and what the state has done through the recently passed state budget to address this issue.

Vaping is not safe. Vaping is addictive and harmful to brain development for users under 25. Nicotine, chemical flavors and additives are harmful to the lungs and heart.

Though electronic cigarettes are advertised as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, and due to this may be perceived as a good decision to make among our youth, an electronic cigarette may contain just as much nicotine as a pack of traditional cigarettes. The lives of our children are at stake as more and more of our youth begin to actively vape. Thankfully, Ohio just became the second state in the Midwestern United States to pass a Tobacco 21 law.

In House Bill 166, the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 state operating budget, a provision was put in place to raise the legal age of purchasing tobacco and vaping products from 18 to 21 years old. By doing so, we are seeking to prevent our youth from vaping. Research indicates that by increasing the legal age to 21, over time, smoking related deaths will be reduced by 10 percent.

Protecting our children by raising the legal age for purchasing tobacco and vaping products to 21 is important. I would be more than happy to talk to you and any parent who has concerns regarding vaping. My office may be contacted at 614-644-5088 or

State Rep. Diane Grendell

Chester Township

If one did well in school

If one did well in school, one would know Bastille Day in France celebrates the liberation of the Bastille prison, in which the government kept debtors and those accused of writing things uncomplimentary to the government (fake news?). It led to the abolition of the feudal system in France. Would a ruler, who claims to have great wealth and governs without consulting a legislature, celebrate these things, even though it is now remembered with a military parade?

One would know you don’t usually congratulate countries for being invaded (as in Sept. 1, 1939).

One would know the population of Afghanistan is about 32 million; so it’d be impossible to kill ‘billions’ of people there unless you suddenly brought in an additional 1.64 billion people (about 20 percent of Earth’s population – more than the population of China), specifically for the purpose of slaughtering them.

One wouldn’t congratulate themselves on accomplishing three things in 2.5 years of a presidency, since in the first 100 days of Franklin Roosevelt’s first term he temporarily closed every bank in the country to realign the national banking system and established the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, the National Recovery Act (no relation to the current NRA) and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

One would know one cannot keep more promises than one made. One would know blue tinted light does not make human skin look orange. One would know Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican president and used all his energy in trying to unify the country.

One would know that England, France and Canada have been steadfast U.S. allies for well over a century and fought alongside the U.S. in both World Wars. One would know North Korea is not a bastion of liberty and free speech. For background, one could consult the parents of the late Otto Warmbier of Ohio.

One would know the top student of a university’s graduating class is usually formally recognized and listed as such in that class’s program for the graduation ceremony.

None of this is really secret information.

Scott Baker

Nova Scotia, Canada

It’s time to pass Issue 21

Chardon Local Schools’ buildings are aging, inefficient and no longer suitable for education today. As a parent of a recent graduate and a current freshman, I have seen the state of these buildings first hand. I have seen teachers trying to make do year after year. I have seen my child come home hot and miserable after a long school day with no AC and have heard their stories about dodging buckets of water in the hallway. I have seen and heard enough. It’s time to pass Issue 21.

The plan is right. Issue 21 brings our schools into the 21st century by building a new school for grades six through 12 with age appropriate wings and shared areas. It provides our students and teachers with classrooms that are configured for collaborative learning, properly functioning heating and air conditioning systems, up-to-date fire, safety and security systems and sufficient electrical capacity for teachers to fully use classroom technology.

We owe it to our students to give them the best education possible. Part of that education includes an environment favorable to learning. Please join me on Nov. 5 in voting for Issue 21.

April Brewster


Fiscal officer is failing the community

Forget about Denmark, something is rotten in Chester Township. 

Fiscal Officer Craig Richter told me that he “really did not know” the newly appointed Trustee Frank Kolk. He not only knows him, he lives right next door to him. And worse yet, Craig Richter lobbied the trustees to hire Frank Kolk’s wife for the Fiscal Officer Assistant position. I have seen the applicants’ resumes (40 submissions) and Mrs. Kolk was by and large not the most qualified for the job in my opinion. 

And worse yet, Fiscal Officer Craig Richter and Trustees Ken Radtke and Joe Mazzurco did not vet Frank Kolk’s wife in regards to her financial and credit history background. If someone is working with township tax dollars, it should be incumbent on the trustees to hire the most qualified and financially responsible person.  

 Richter blamed the Sheriff’s Office and said that Sherrif Hildenbrand’s staff gave a verbal approval and ran a background check only. 

Chester Township is the home of Michael Spellman, who robbed this township of millions. There was no “real” investigation and a questionable handling of Spellman’s belongings. Never mind that Township officials were Board Members of the Michael Spellman “Hollywood Charities” 501(c)(3).

 Craig Richter has failed this community as Fiscal Officer. Last year he lobbied the township to hire a personal friend who was losing her health insurance because of a pending divorce. That is not a criterion for the creation of a job or the hiring of staff, but it is for Craig Richter. 

Richter, Kolk and Radtke expect to win handily in the upcoming 2019 November election, and it will be a great loss for Chester Township.

Judy K. Zamlen-Spotts

Chester Township

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