Bill Maher and I are twins separated at birth (and a few years). In fact, we are so incredibly alike, I may demand a blood test! The left-leaning, cultural commentator and political wit thinks like me and I suspect by the enthusiasm of his audience there are others who might want a sample of his DNA.

What Mr. Maher, a longtime critic of political correctness, does that others cannot bring themselves to do is to say out loud in public what they say only in private. Mr. Maher – who once had a show called “Politically Incorrect” – offered his own definition in a recent interview with David Marchese in The New York Times.

“I define political correctness as the elevation of sensitivity over truth. That’s my beef with it. We’re not getting to the truth, because we’re too sensitive.”

Amen, brother.

Why and how did all this change? Mostly, the evolution of terms and words is related to historic and societal changes.

I had a discussion with myself the other day after finding a pamphlet on the “take one” shelf at the Chagrin Falls police station. It was put out by the county health department and titled “Opioid Use Disorder.” Keeping up is exhausting. What was wrong with “Opioid Addiction”? When did the word “addiction” become unspeakable? Straight forward words like “addiction” are becoming extinct at the insistence of political correctness.

It’s dystopic “newspeak” from George Orwell’s “1984.”

I want to know who died and left political correctness in charge of our words. Who says words like “addiction” or “deaf,” “crippled” and “blind” are unkind or mean-spirited? Why are we urged to say “differently abled,” whatever that means?

Is the girl blind but able to twirl a baton? Is a boy deaf but able to play a mean round of Jenga, or maybe crippled but able to cook a gourmet meal?

We live under the tyranny of the arbiters of how the disabled should view themselves. This supposes everyone has the same feelings and sensitivities. It insinuates those who do not fall in line and should get with the program and use the approved euphemisms.

Political correctness is really a form of pity and condescension, which to me is worse than using words like “blind,” “crippled” and “deaf.”

Geeze, lighten up, Barb! Take a nap or something.

I hear you and I apologize if I stressed you out with all the righteous indignation. How about a little PC fun to turn those smiles upside down?

Take a look below. We picked these off the Internet. Many are actual PC approved terms. Can you spot them?

Deaf – Visually oriented only

Blind – Visually disoriented

Crippled – Physically incapacitated

Meth lab worker – Undocumented pharmacist

Short person – Vertically challenged

Tall person – Vertical overachiever

Fat person – Metabolically challenged

Prostitute – Sex care provider

Lies – Alternative facts (thank you Sarah Sanders)

Lazy man or woman – Motivationally impaired

Abject, utter failure – A non-traditional success

Homeless, evicted – Involuntarily undomiciled

Prison cell – Custody Suite

Old – Chronologically gifted

Death during a hospital stay – Negative patient care outcome

Animal trainer – Interspecies communicator

Childbirth – Unpaid labor

A veteran reporter and columnist, Barbara Christian has been covering Chagrin Falls since 1967 and is currently responsible for Chagrin Falls village events, government and school board news along with her weekly column "Window on Main Street."

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