The first thing people ask when they find out I moved from my longtime South Main Street home, is “so, what are you going call your column now, ‘Window on Nob Hill?’”

I explained the name of the column will not change because from its start “Window on Main Street” was metaphor for the observational, locally focused column I hoped to write. It was coincidence that I just happened to live on South Main.

So, no name change, I advise. Besides, “Window on Nob Hill” sounds like the confessions of a Peeping Tom.

The second thing people asked was “do you have a good bed pillow?” Really. Seems getting a good night’s sleep in a new home can be difficult without the proper bedding. Looking back, there were more restless sleep nights in my new home than there were restful ones.

I looked at my pillows and found them wanting. A wonderful old goose down and feather pillow had seen better days and was molting.

The ones stuffed with who knows what had developed lumps and then there were a couple of others reminiscent of the bag of dry cement mix that was caught in the great basement flood of 2015. I need not explain what happens when water meets a bag of dry cement mix.

Out these would go as soon as I could buy some new ones. Easy peasy but this simple errand would not be as easy or peasy.

Time had changed from pillow buying in the good old days when the purchase of a bed pillow would take 5 minutes. Now it takes research and a thousand decisions.

Bed pillows have joined the list of “too many choices” products. Leading the pack are the hummus varieties and salad dressings available and of which there are way too many.

This can be explained by the free enterprise system and “ingenuity” we Americans claim to have sole ownership.

It goes something like this. One fine day, bed pillow manufacturers looked up and discovered they cannot grow or succeed when their customers hang on to, in this case, their bed pillows. This status quo becomes the enemy.

The answer is to innovate, then sell the new and improved whatever to a public that is not always convinced it needs bigger, better, faster, stronger. The answer for the pillow industry was diversification. Let us count the ways.

As an example, you can get many different pillow sizes than ever before. Standard, queen and king have been joined by something called the Euro which is square. Question: why does the size of your bed dictate the size of your pillow when you still have the same sized head?

There are specialized shapes and sizes for pregnant women, women who nurse their babies and ones for their babies called anti-flat head infant pillows. Question: When did baby pillows become acceptable?

You also have a wide range of choices of pillow features. Some are machine washable, hypoallergenic and organic certified while others come with cooling technology, are certified organic pillows or pillows infused with copper, charcoal, green tea or lavender.

The most important feature, however, is what is inside your pillow. Choose down and feathers, just down, down alternative, gel fibers or cotton, wool, memory foam or latex.

Your pillow can also compliment the way you sleep with models for side, back and stomach sleepers and one that is designed for back and stomach sleeps.

There is a wide range of pillow prices too. The online retailer that has just what we need, will sell you a pillow for as little as $10 or as much as one that sells for more than $8,000.

The listing states all its attributes, but judging from the egregiously high price I’d say they are filled with bull feathers.

A veteran reporter and columnist, Barbara Christian has been covering Chagrin Falls since 1967 and is currently responsible for Chagrin Falls village events, government and school board news along with her weekly column "Window on Main Street."

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