Applauding local business

I read with great admiration the recent story about Steve and Kristen Gaetjens and their struggles to renovate their business on the corner of Routes 306 and 87 in Russell Township. It is heartwarming in these days of freebies and government handouts to see someone actually work with determination and perseverance to reach their goal against all odds.  I applaud the Gaetjens and congratulate them and I assure them that when I am in their area they will have my business.

Ron Losik

Auburn Township

Ode to Dr. Frank

I was shocked to read Barbara Christian’s column in last week’s Times. The thought of changing dentists for any reason is an outrageous notion. When I read her column, I am either agreeing with her or laughing at her take on things. Not today.

When I was a child, the dentist our family chose was the most affordable one. He was also an alcoholic.

After a few horrifying visits, I stopped going into his office, choosing instead to hide in the bushes outside the building. My brother was less proactive and when he reached adulthood, needed extensive dental work. I became “dental phobic.”

I have had three dentists in my life. More than once, I sat in a dental office waiting room with other patients. I was sent home because the staff thought I looked too pale. One time, on my way out, a patient asked me, “What procedure were you getting, root canal, a tooth pulled?” I said, “No, I was here for a cleaning.”

When I owned Rick’s Café and there was a wait to be seated, in 42 years I never sat anyone out of turn except my dentist. A customer once complained about my seating someone ahead of his party.

I told him, “He’s my dentist.” The man nodded his head in agreement and said, “Oh.”

When I retired, my wife and I talked about moving to North Carolina to be near her family. When we factored in the cost of flying to Cleveland for each dental appointment with “Dr. Frank,” we decided it would be cost prohibitive.

We both worry weekly, no, make that daily, that he is going to retire. Sometimes, one of us will wake up from a nightmare, after dreaming Dr. Frank retired.

Alec Singer

South Russell

Standing together

“Thank you” seems so inadequate a phrase  to express how very much we appreciate all the community support on May 23 and May 24 to help us honor our dedicated first responders on their special statewide day and  this year, our sixth, we especially are  grateful to Gov. Mike DeWine for his proclamation honoring not only our first responders but also the dedicated frontline workers who continued to work to meet our medical needs, to feed us, to keep us as safe as possible, to keep us informed and aware of the daily changing unprecedented regulations to battle a virus no one was prepared to fight. It was a learn-as-we-go experience, and like many Ohioans, we pulled together, learned together and innovated new ways to cope.

A special thank you to the Times for its coverage, to Chagrin Falls Mayor William Tomko and South Russell Mayor William Koons for their assistance in helping in the coordination of events, for Dynamic Design for their usual superb job of banners and posters, to Ron Humphrey for  the window Salute signs and all the area shop owners who heartily chose to display the   signs  in their store windows.

We thank all the people who made the effort to come into Chagrin or stand in their yards to collectively make a great “Clap Out – Love In” and show their support for our Responder Heroes and hear the bells of the Federated and Methodist churches. To the Popcorn Shop and Cibik’s Dairy Island for their gift of free ice cream to our men and women in uniform and to the many residents who showed their appreciation in so many kind ways, thank you.

As always, we believe that, 1.) You can never say thank you enough, 2.) Try to turn negatives into positives and 3.) Stand for something, not against.

Most importantly, thank you to our 24/7/365 first responders and the many frontline workers who kept us going day after day, month after month. We appreciate you more than you could know.

9-1-1. What is your emergency?

Jo and Bob Royer

South Russell  

No need for cow path

To the Pepper Pike City Council, mayor and city engineer, leave Gates Mills Boulevard alone. Gates Mills Boulevard from Cedar Road to Brainard Circle is the “Gateway to Pepper Pike.” The view is beautiful, and we have a lovely park-like setting, an extension of our front yards. We do not need a meandering asphalt multi-use cow path spoiling our beautiful center strip.

We have lived on Gates Mills Boulevard for 51 years at the top of the hill. Our kitchen is in the front of our home, like many others, so we have full advantage of the beautiful Gates Mills Boulevard.

Take the $1.2 million, plus $700,000, plus landscaping to start a fund to purchase Beech Brook.

Leave Gates Mills Boulevard alone.

Mario & Marie DiGeronimo

Pepper Pike

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