As I was telling a fellow genius the other day, it is tough being a visionary in a near-sighted world.

We sighed in concert at the recognition of this and in frustration that no one – aside from the two of us – could appreciate the brilliance of our ideas.

Sadly, we admitted that – as it is with all great creators – the full breadth and width of our brilliance will be recognized only after we are gone.

An example of this is the “platform gantry” developed by the late and great Michelangelo.

Question: Where would the Sistine Chapel ceiling and high-rise window washers be today without it?

Answer: Sherwin William’s Adobe White. Skyscraper windows frosted with grime.

The two of us also agree our ideas are worthy of review by the powers that be (known as PTB) but have not been taken seriously.

It is this attitude that creates the graveyard where greatness is buried, shoveled under by those timid souls unwilling to risk taking heat for the glitches and setbacks that arise along the way.

The PTB rattle on about the small potato stuff like zoning and safety. Clearly none of them have heard about the necessity of cracking an egg or two to make an omelet.

For instance, I have long advocated a strategy to attract money-spending tourists to Chagrin Falls that will not impact parking.

No one listens, even though it is a most creative re-use of blighted property by turning the devastation of the Spillway site into an urban attraction.

Instead of planting a bunch of boring condominiums or a gated housing development for the well-heeled, my idea for Spillway would let everyone in on sweeping aerial views of the Chagrin River and stretching from one end of town to the other.

Heretofore, only Jeff Holbury and his Drone Ohio camera-fitted flying machine could access this view.

Close your eyes and feel yourself sailing over Chagrin Falls on a zipline. We’ll give you a moment here to absorb the sheer magnificence of it.

Now feel the wind in your face as you fly through spring trees in blossom, lush summer greenery and autumn color.

Experience the exhilaration akin to a Blossom Time ride or finding a parking spot on River and West streets on a Saturday night.

The Chagrin Falls Urban Zipline begins at Spillway where there is plenty of parking and an area set aside for pre-zip lessons in how to be a safe zipper.

Afterward, zippers outfitted inproper gear, will be shuttled over to the zipline tower (historic Chase Bag smokestack) where glass elevators will take them to a platform high on the stack.

There they will be met by an instructor who hooks the zipper onto the line and sends him or her on their merry way.

Sights along feature the river, bordering neighborhoods, Riverside Park, a view of people eating pizza on the E-Talian’s patio and folks having dinner on the decks at 17 River Grille.

Zipping ends at a zip station at Coach House Square which has become part of the redevelopment of the area, which has been discussed for years.

After removing their gear, zippers will head off to shopping, a show at the Chagrin Valley Little Theatre, a bit of gallery hopping or dinner at one of the village’s 18-within-walking-distance restaurants.

Later, they can enjoy a stroll back to the Spillway parking lot. Or zip back from the Coach House Square zip station. One-way zipping is about half a mile long. Round trip is 1 mile.

The world’s longest zipline is 1.75 miles long and located in Dubai. It cost $6 million to build and opened in late 2017. Tickets sell for between $100 to $175.

The Chagrin Falls Zipline, at less than one-third the length, would cost around $2 million which, we should add, is $1 million less than the cost of renovating North Main Street Bridge.

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