Real details of HB 6

Nuclear and Coal Bailout = More Pollution, Slower Growth, Fewer Jobs, Higher Costs.

The Ohio House is considering House Bill 6, which would grant First Energy Solutions’ plea to bail out its two nuclear power plants on the shores of Lake Erie, as well as coal-fired plants. HB 6 would result in higher emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, slower economic growth, fewer jobs and higher electricity costs. Please urge your state representative and senator to vote against HB 6, and urge the governor to veto it, unless modified as described below.

HB 6 would provide $300 million for nuclear and coal-fired plants, while drastically reducing support for energy efficiency and for clean renewable energy, such as wind, solar and hydro. Of the $300 million, about $180 million would go to the two nuclear plants. Emission reducing coal-fired plants could also apply for payments. Electricity customers would pay the cost, which would be $2.50 per month for residential customers and higher amounts for others. These charges would replace the existing average monthly residential charge of $4.39 per month for the renewable energy and energy efficiency programs, both of which would be virtually eliminated.

The two nuclear power plants should be saved, but only because their closure would result in a substantial increase in emissions of damaging greenhouse gases and other pollutants. Support should be conditioned in HB 6 on continuing assurances of the highest standards for nuclear safety and continuing financial need. Support should also have a specific term.

Unlike nuclear plants, coal-fired plants should not be saved because they continue to emit huge amounts of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, even after actions to reduce such emissions. Their closure would result in an abrupt decline in those emissions.

Support for clean renewable energy, such as wind and solar, and for energy efficiency, should not be diminished because they are our best source of clean energy. As one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, they create jobs and economic growth. They reduce overall costs of electricity, which more than offsets the rates for those programs, and thus negates the reduction in rates affected by HB 6. And clean renewables deserve state support because fossil fuels sources do not bear the full costs of their harmful emissions, and thus unfairly compete with clean energy.

Necessary modifications:

Remove from HB 6 support for all fuel sources except nuclear, which should reduce the annual HB 6 cost to $180 million from $300 million, and condition support as mentioned above.

Remove from HB 6 the modifications to the renewable energy standards and energy efficiency standards, which would allow those programs to stay in place.

Result would be support for nuclear, renewables and energy efficiency, while keeping residential monthly charges generally unchanged, taking into account scheduled phase-out of part of energy efficiency standard.

Mark Hennessey

Pepper Pike

Logo is not a brand

As a person who has worked in marketing and branding for more than 30 years, I have been reading with great interest the current “branding” fiasco in Solon. One of the problems, and one that should be better managed by the branding consultants involved, is a lack of understanding of what a “brand” is. A logo is not a brand. A brand is the promise of what a person can expect to experience when they encounter that product, service, organization or community. The logo is simply one of the signals used to communicate what brand you are dealing with. Most brands have dozens or more signals that define their promise. Branding is the collection of all the things you do to manage these signals and experiences so they are meaningful, consistent and deliver on the brand promise.

Too many companies and communities think all they have to do is slap on a shiny new logo and all their problems are solved. We don’t like Apple products because of the company name or logo. We like the experience we have when we use them and the service we receive. Solon needs a branding consultant that will counsel them on how to identify and leverage all the unique and ownable equities of the city and then how to communicate them to the appropriate audiences.

Jeffrey Hyde


Stephen Miller vs. Lady in Harbor

Stephen Miller is an adviser to the current president on immigration matters. He has never been elected to any office nor confirmed by the Senate for any position. He is 33 years old, single, and has no children. His ancestors immigrated to the U.S. from parts of the Russian empire early in the 20th century.

He has said the poem on the Statue of Liberty was added after the statue was erected, so, presumably, it is not binding. Perhaps he would like to rename that monument the “Statue of Liberals” and revise the poem to read:

Give me your energetic, yours who inherited wealth,

Huddled in ermine

Yearning to belittle others,

The privileged and envied of

your inferior shore.

Send these, with multiple homes,

flown by private jet to me,

I lift my chocolate cake before the golden door of Mar A Lago

Scott Baker

Halifax, Nova Scotia

VFW event a success

This past Saturday the VFW Post 12067 held its annual spaghetti dinner, and it was wonderful and for a great cause. Great pasta, perfect sauce and meatballs. Worthy of any meal one could get in Little Italy. Thanks to the organizers, the set up folks, the chefs and all the members of the VFW.

Tom Hanculak

Chagrin Falls


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