The playground at River Road Park in Bainbridge is finally safe. Bainbridge Township Trustees late last week visited the park off Chagrin River Road to survey the playground and wisely decided that the hazardous equipment had to immediately come down.

Trustees Kristina O’Brien and Jeff Markley were at the park with a consultant from Play & Park Structures who took one look and said the faulty equipment had to go. It was gone by the next day.

This should have happened sooner, but we are encouraged that the hazard has been eliminated. Swings with toddler seats, a seesaw and climbing tubes are all that remains.

Just days before, the rotting wooden jungle gym, swings and a slide worn out by hours upon hours of play by township children were wrapped in plastic fencing material with a warning sign to stay away. We feared the fencing would not have kept some curious children away.

For 17 years, this was a place where children experienced the thrill of climbing across the bars, teetering on the seesaw and riding high on the swings.

Parents and grandparents at a recent township meeting expressed their desire to replace the playground. Now the issue at hand is how to pay the estimated $200,000 to rebuild the playground. Trustees say there is no money in the general fund. Other funding ideas have included seeking a levy, grants or donations.

We encourage residents interested in this issue to attend one or both of the upcoming meetings that trustees have scheduled specifically to discuss the matter. The meetings are 9 a.m. this Saturday and 6 p.m. Sept. 16 at Bainbridge Town Hall.

The voice of the people helped eliminate the hazard, now the voice of the people can help trustees look for the best way to build a new playground.

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