When the coronavirus has been defeated and the world gets back to normal, I am guessing it is not going to be business as usual.

Maybe, when we finally do press that reset button, we will find the pandemic forced innovations we never expected and better ways to do things.

For example, economists and clued-in futurists are already predicting the end of office space and the buildings that house them. Folks have been working at home, attending zoom meetings with customers and clients and finding the virtual world is a good place to work, be productive and earn a living.

Whether Zooming or Skyping, virtual contact has become an important way – and often the only way – to carry on with our jobs, and looking good and presenting a professional image is still important. With that has come invention and innovation.

For instance, everyone knows laptop and phone cameras are unforgiving but necessary to our new virtual life, but with them comes the horrifying discovery that they are not doing us any favors, appearance wise.

Enter the “light ring,” a new lighting invention that when attached to our phones and laptops performs miracles and rescues our confidence and self-image by smoothing out wrinkles, brightening the skin and making us the rosy-cheeked image of vibrant good health.

Light rings and other at-home lighting gadgetry are selling like the proverbial hot cakes which says a lot about the new era in which we are living and, perhaps, our level of vanity.

Ditto the continued need for cosmetics which have always been and always will be recession proof although not a cure for the novel coronavirus.

As the covid-19 threat continues, clothing stores may find growing sales of shirts, blouses and tops while flagging in the skirt and pants departments. There is a reason and we are learning what television newscasters learned a long time ago, which is, we don’t need pants or skirts to sit at a desk and talk into a camera.

When this pandemic is over we will find the habits we fell into during isolation will stick with us. We will find ourselves shopping at home through the Internet to save time and effort.

The ability to pickup, driveby or have delivery of restaurant meals and groceries will be hard to give up. These extra services, which began during covid-19 to save businesses, will be permanently added to the business plans of every smart restaurant and grocery store owner.

By the same measure, those smarmy futurists warn small retailers – like those we know and love in Chagrin Falls – without an Internet presence your business will wither.

Fulfilling online purchases using similar to the grocery and restaurant pick-up and delivery model will be crucial if brick and mortar shops are to survive.

One final note on the future post covid-19: Fad gadget manufacturers are relentless in providing us with unnecessary impulse products we did not need until we were told they were a must have.

As an example, we give you the “weighted blanket.” This is the adult version of infant swaddling, which is to wrap a newborn snugly in a soft coverlet so he or she feels the tranquility of being back in the womb.

The unnecessary thing about weighted blankets for adults should be obvious – claustrophobia, suffocation and summer heat stroke unless the AC is set on “mush, you huskies.”

All these type of products will go away. Really now, isn’t it hard enough getting up in the morning without having to crawl out from under the extra weight of a 20 pound blanket?

A veteran reporter and columnist, Barbara Christian has been covering Chagrin Falls since 1967 and is currently responsible for Chagrin Falls village events, government and school board news along with her weekly column "Window on Main Street."

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