Something always seems to be brewing in Woodmere. The tiny village is home to about 860 residents, upscale shopping at Eton Chagrin Boulevard, an Apple retail store, a Starbucks, a neighborly Trader Joe’s and wonderful restaurants. On the surface, life should be good in Woodmere.

But go to a Village Council meeting and you are bound to see clashes between council representatives, administrators and the mayor. Spending limits for the mayor, last year’s 75th anniversary celebration and sidewalks are among the hot-button issues that have surfaced in council chambers.

Now people living in the community have stepped into the fray.

Last week, a group of residents launched a campaign to recall Village Council representatives Jennifer Mitchell Earley, Glenda Todd Miller, Lisa Brockwell and Craig Wade. The residents who started the recall petition are calling themselves the Woodmere Project.

Their bottom line? Enough is enough. That is according to resident and Woodmere Project attorney Rachel Kabb Effron.

Ms. Effron said residents are frustrated over the gridlock in council and take issue with the way Council President Earley runs meetings when she fails to listen and cuts people off.

Councilwoman Lisa Brockwell says residents do not have all the facts about village spending and the mayor. Mr. Wade said residents need to attend committee meetings because detailed discussions on issues do not occur at council sessions. That’s interesting. Maybe they should.

Mayor Ben Holbert sent a letter to residents naming the council representatives who voted for or against the sidewalk project and against restoring the village website. (Doesn’t every community have a working website?)

This back-and-forth is exhausting.

When residents say enough is enough, elected officials need to change the way they conduct village business. If taxpayers are fed up, then council members and the mayor need to talk to constituents and to each other in a civil and productive manner.

Listen to the people who voted you into office.

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