It’s a well-known fact that women have superpowers that can work miracles, and we don’t need any Wonder Woman cartoon character for our role model.

Besides, Wonder Woman has a questionable fashion sense. I mean, really, who dresses like that? And so Superman derivative.

But, seriously, it really is true that we are a self-contained force of nature built to do magical things.

Think of it, our bodies contain all that is required to conceive, nourish and grow human life, bring it into the world then provide sustenance for the helpless creature for as long as it is needed, this usually happens when the offspring grows teeth and learns to bite.

It doesn’t end there. Whether we choose motherhood or not, it is in the hormonal juice flowing through us that makes us natural nurturers, and it doesn’t leave us once our kids leave the nest.

Nothing new to know here. Like we said, all of this is a well-known fact. So why go on about it?

The female need to nurture struck us after reading a note sent by Patty Weingart of Moreland Hills who hoped the newspaper could throw a little light on her unusual group of female philanthropists.

Unusual because it was not that long ago when very few women had independent funds to be philanthropists. Headway in gender equality is changing that.

Shining example is Patty’s organization. It’s not new, you may be aware of the Western Reserve Chapter of 100+ Women Who Care.

It works off of an unusual premise that female service organization do not need months-long planning sessions to stage big, public fundraisers that may or may not be successful.

Nothing against these organizations. Everyone loves the parties and events they use to raise money for worthy causes. And they are a necessary part of the culture and the greater good.

“100+ Women” is simply a different way to be of service. Quickly. Members raise thousands of dollars just by meeting for an hour just four times a year.

During each meeting members hear presentations from two or three good causes dedicated to nurturing underserved families. Then they vote on the one they will support and each woman puts $100 in the hat. If all 100 members are present, a check for $10,000 is written and sent to the chosen charity.

Patty and the 99 members of the organization want readers to know that the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop them from their mission. They met virtually four times.

In July 2020, the women donated $8,700 to the Cleveland Food Bank during a time when it was needed most.

In October they donated $7,900 to The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Cleveland and Soul to Sole, which facilitates ClubSmart of Northeast Ohio Learning Centers, which in turn helped kids who were forced into virtual learning situations but who did not have computers or internet access. Adult proctors provided guidance.

Then, this January, 100+ women raised $6,160 to Bainbridge Area Food for Friends and $3,300 to the Cleveland Food Bank and procured a 50-percent match grant from the Richard M. Schulze Foundation (Best Buy).

The May Dugan Center was the chosen charity for April. It serves over 6,500 clients with every service needed to lead healthy, meaningful lives. Member donations totaled $9,075 with another 50-percent match grant from the Richard Schulze Foundation (Best Buy).

The 100+ Women Who Care members will meet in-person for the first time 7-8 p.m. at Holbrook Hollows shelter house and patio, 7250 Country Lane in Bainbridge, and you are invited.

Prospective members and those simply interested in the organization may bring a friend and witness how a different kind of fundraising is done. Just bring a sit upon and your own beverage. For directions go to

Those unable to attend and want information can email or visit the organization’s website

A veteran reporter and columnist, Barbara Christian has been covering Chagrin Falls since 1967 and is currently responsible for Chagrin Falls village events, government and school board news along with her weekly column "Window on Main Street."

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