The Trump virus

President Donald Trump’s mishandling of the deadly coronavirus has been disastrous. The U.S. has more COVID-19 cases (4.1 million) and related deaths (145,000) than any other country, and cases are surging to record levels in states that reopened too soon, as Trump urged them to do. This pathetic and deadly performance is inexcusable. Caused mostly by a combination of Trump’s incompetence, reckless sacrifice of American lives to promote his personal political interests and abdication of responsibility. The evidence is overwhelming: ignored early warnings, called virus a hoax, failed to fix testing, tracking and shortages, contradicted guidance from infectious disease professionals, urged premature re-opening of the economy (by Easter) contrary to science, hyped dangerous cures (including disinfectants), refused to wear a mask, held mass rallies without masks and social distancing and urged (and continues to urge) reopening of schools without adequate precautions.

A president’s highest responsibility is to protect the lives of American citizens. Trump has failed abysmally to do so and cannot be trusted in the future. The 145,000 American deaths, with thousands more to come. Those deaths measure the magnitude of Trump’s incompetence and betrayal of the American people, a crime against humanity.

This disaster is the worst of many egregious harms that Trump has inflicted on all of us. Here are just a few:

• Failed to take meaningful action to eradicate police brutality against black men, and curtailed Obama’s actions to do so;

• Supported racially bigoted cultural undercurrents by defending honored places for confederate generals;

• Distorted public opinion by incessantly lying about serious factual public policy issues, such as voter fraud, scientific conclusions and the media, thereby undermining our democracy;

• Used the office of the presidency corruptly for his personal benefit, including conditioning aid to Ukraine on investigation of Biden’s son;

• Undermined the rule of law, including commutation of jail time for Roger Stone, convicted of lying to protect Trump (how corrupt is that?);

• Upset the separation of powers by refusal to comply with House subpoenas.

• Low unemployment. That’s like giving the weatherman credit for a warm sunny day. Unemployment was already headed south when he took office, and the trend simply continued. Many jobs are so low paying they can’t support a family.

• Record stock market performance. Already trending up when Trump took office. Determined mostly by the Fed driving interest rates to record lows.

• Repealed or not enforced business regulations. True, but most protected us from abusive business activities, such as mercury contamination, greenhouse gas emissions and creditor abuse of students and homeowners.

• Protective international trade arrangements.

New trade agreement with Mexico and Canada is more favorable to American workers, largely due to U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown. The trade war with China may be necessary but has not been effective.

On balance, much more harm than good. Not good enough to be re-elected.

Mark Hennessey

Pepper Pike

Be judicial

Is there no end to the use of public money to pay for Judge Tim Grendell’s self-promotion?   Public records show that a recent acquisition seems to be the purchase by the Probate/Juvenile Court of two signs with his name in large letters, for use as car magnets, to the cost of $118.  These signs, bought with public money, have no public benefit.  These were prominently displayed on his vehicle during the recent July Fourth parade/procession/rally. Is he not aware that people are tired of his grandstanding on the public dime?  While he massages his ego by slapping his name on the side of his vehicle, we are asked to pay one more bill for his greed and misuse of public money.   

Judge, with all of the public money you have mis-spent sporting your picture, people already recognize you and grab tight to their wallet when they see you coming. 

To the best of my knowledge, no other Geauga County judge broadcasts their name on their vehicle, nor do they engage in personal advertising or self-promotion  of any type, with car magnets, newspaper ads, glossy newsletters, toy gavels or bracelets, paid for privately or publicly.  

Is $118 a big amount? No. Is it a necessary expenditure?  No.  Many Geauga resident are struggling during this pandemic to have their basic needs met.  Could that money be used in the true spirit of the “greater good”– rather than the “greater me”? 

Judge Grendell, if you want to be a politician, go for it. If you want to be a judge, act like one.

Barb Partington

Munson Township

Nurses meet the challenge

In our complex society, nurses follow an established set of triage rules that affords each individual health care within minutes of arriving in the ER.

Is there any other profession that addresses your concerns this quickly?

The first question is “What brings you to the ER today?”

The nurse listens and observes the individual while doing essential assessments. The nurse focuses on the individual’s health needs and begins to formulate a care plan to meet the needs of the individual. The nurse’s only concern is for the health and safety of the individual.

During this pandemic, nurses have been exposed daily as they care for the infected individuals. The institutions that employ these nurses have found themselves in financial difficulty and have had to institute some financial constraints to be able to keep their doors open to care for the health needs of everyone.

The nurses were forced to:

1. Take mandatory two weeks off without pay. (This had to be done with administrative approval to meet the nursing services of the sick – not the nurse’s personal needs or wants.)

2. Forego their annual pay raise,

3. Had benefits reduced to match their reduced annual income,

4. Reduced their 401b (pension) contributions for 2020 to ZERO.

Nurses are so busy taking care of the sick that they have not had time to protest this devaluation of their services.

While the majority of society has been able to stay home and avoid COVID-19, health care professionals have been working daily for less compensation. With the daycare centers and schools closed, they have had to arrange babysitting for their children in addition to working. Thanks goes out to every spouse and or grandparent that cared for the children of nurses while the daycare workers and teachers sheltered at home.

These nurses are caring for our loved ones that are hospitalized or in assisted facilities. Since we are unable to visit our relatives, the nurses have to fill in the mental health gap that having no family members visiting them has created.

Throughout this pandemic there have been restaurants that have provided meals to our nurses. Thank you to all the restaurants like Geraci’s Pizza that have continued to send food to our nurses.

If you know a nurse, please thank him or her for working to make our society healthy for all of us.

As Congress discusses what should happen next, they should recognize, honor and reward the ones that are doing the direct health care work. Most nurses have college debt. Congress should give each nurse that worked during the pandemic $600 per each week that they worked to be paid directly against their college debt. If they do not have college debt, the equivalent amount should be put in an account to be used for education. If the nurse died, the monies should go towards the funeral costs.

This would be a win-win for society.

Sandy Wilson

Pepper Pike

Display captures essence of village

It is such a pleasure to drive down Chagrin Boulevard through the Village of Woodmere.

Our village is all decked out for the summer. The flowers are lovely, welcoming, and the display captures the nature of Woodmere. Flowers symbolize happiness and joy. I’m sure this display draws visitors to this commercial area. It feels good. Thank you.

Gladys Melvin


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