We love cliffhangers. They cause us to imagine different outcomes. They bring drama to our lives. They keep us up at night wondering, what happened?

That was the case when, through a technical issue, part of a police blotter item was chopped in mid-sentence.

That put us in the doghouse with readers.

People were clamoring for the ending. The missing words were even a cause for angry chatter on a Chagrin Falls neighborhood Facebook page. For us, it’s gratifying to know that people are reading our paper – including the police briefs often tucked away in corners of the news pages.

So, as a public service, we present the complete story.

On Nov. 10 Chagrin Falls police received a call about a Bernese Mountain dog on the loose. Police found the dog and took it home. The next day, police again were called out on a report of a small dog loose around East Summit Street. They nabbed the little fellow, looked at his ID tag and drove him home.

Officers knocked. No response. Upon investigation, they found an open back door. With no sign of intruders or damage to the property, police put the pup safely inside the house.

Another happy ending.

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