How did you use your time during the pandemic lockdown? After you cleaned the house, rearranged the furniture and finished all the books you always meant to read but didn’t?

So, what did we do? We improved our brain’s database by Googling the answers to questions we have always wondered about but never thought to ask the great and powerful wizard of cyberspace during normal and far busier times.

One warning before proceeding, as with all things found on the internet, the following will take more research from reliable sources before a deeper understanding is achieved. This by now should be well known and as natural as looking both ways before we cross the street. Without further ado.

What is dust?

House dust is a mix of sloughed-off skin cells, hair, clothing fibers, bacteria, dust mites, bits of dead bugs, soil particles, pollen and microscopic specks of plastic.

Note: Dust is also known as “detritus,” which is a more likeable term than bits of bugs and dead skin cells. Now, where did I put that Swiffer?

Is dehumidifier water safe?

No! It’s the watered down version of the same stuff in dust. It’s not even recommended for plants and certainly not our beloved pets.

Note: Such a waste when water is in short supply elsewhere, there should be a way to filter out the bits of bugs and dead skin cells and recycle dehumidifier water for the greater good of humanity.

Are there any Hitlers left?

Yes. Three American brothers, Alexander, Louis and Brian Stuart-Houston of Long Island, New York, are the only remaining blood relatives of the devil himself. They are sons of Adolf’s half-nephew William, which makes them the Nazi dictator’s half-great nephews and born and bred Americans. All are childless having made a pact to end the bloodline.

Note: Interestingly, Adolf’s was not the only Hitler family in the world, but most have changed their last name to Hiller. Good move.

What about the Mafia?

Does the Mafia exist beyond “The Godfather” movies? The U.S. Mafia is still active in the Northeastern United States, with most activity in New York City, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Buffalo, Boston, Providence and Hartford. “The Mob” now boasts an even dozen “families” including the original five.

Note: And Jimmy Hoffa is still missing.

What is steampunk?

The word “steampunk” has cropped in recent years and it pops up regularly, but what does it mean? According to Google, it is a style of design and fashion “that combines images of historical elements with anachronistic technological inspired by science fiction.”

Note: We are advised not to confuse steampunk with cyberpunk, which is “a sub-genre of science fiction utilizing advanced science and technology in an urban dystopian future.”

Clean eyeglasses

Why is it so hard to keep eyeglasses clean? The following was sent by a woman in Hungary posting to a thread created by my question. “Because this is a virtual reality that was initially conceived to keep humans working for another species, without the humans realizing it. All human gestures are reproduced by machines and androids whenever this species that controls Earth need them” to perform mundane tasks like eyeglass cleaning.

Note: The truth is out there, really, really out there.

What is DEIJ?

The short answer is Diversity Equity Inclusion Justice. The full explanation is underway now in the Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District where the conversation has come down to TRUST – Teaching Race/Religion with Understanding and Sensitivity to the Truth.

Note: The question is who should – parents or educators – teach DEIJ to kids when each side doubts the other about having the right truth?

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