The Hatfield and McCoy families carried on a feud across the West Virginia and Kentucky border for 28 years and at one point the complaints ended up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Chagrin Falls folks familiar with the following incident are hoping the battle underway across driveways of warring Maple Street neighbors won’t last that long or go so far as the high court.

Besides, the local feud puts a stain on the name Chagrin Falls, which sees itself as a neighborly community.

To illustrate this, we point to the annual Republicans v. Democrats softball game that was once part of the Blossom Time weekend events many years ago when the local GOP ruled the turf.

In those days, the GOP reigned supreme in the village – in numbers – and the hackneyed joke was when the Democrats held their meetings, they were in the Riverside Park phone booth.

Hence, the Dems had trouble fielding a team for the annual softball game. Rather than forfeit and to be fair, the Republicans sent some of their players to fill out the Dems’ roster.

It was a friendly game and the Republicans always won, leaving Democrats raise an eyebrow and wonder if they had been hoodwinked once again.

But back to the present and our warring Maple Street neighbors. You have likely seen their problem noted in police blotter entries this summer and maybe you smiled, but it is no laughing matter to those involved.

On one side is Couple A who have complained about having to endure the constant presence of an inflatable flailing tube man gyrating before them through the windows of their family room.

It can also be observed from their patio and an outdoor shower and has a decibel level above a normal air conditioning unit and it is ongoing for 16 hours a day, they add.

It is not funny to Couple B either. They live across the driveway and put tube man – it actually looks like an angry eagle – on the property line between the two homes claiming it is there to serve as a scarecrow.

Seems the neighbor’s birdfeeder attracts the winged poop machines which have left their calling card on their home, driveway and cars and have critters using their basement as an Airbnb.

Their resistance to deal with the birdfeeder problem in a substantive way shows a lack of respect for their property, Couple B said of Couple A.

“Foul” or rather “fowl” cried the feeder owners (Couple A). They have been caring and helpful neighbors going as far as to wash down their neighbor’s house and driveway and offering helpful solutions such as suggesting traps, pellets to get rid of the pests and expanding foam as an excellent way to keep the unwanted creatures out of the basement.

They have also killed a ton of problem chipmunks to prove their good will, according to Couple A.

In fact, their situation has been so annoying to Couple A that they Zoomed in to last week’s virtual Village of Chagrin Falls council meeting asking something be done about the noisy, nonstop tube man/eagle.

Apparently, there is no law on village books that outlaw inflatable gyrating things that has proven so threatening to Couple A.

Careful not to take sides, Village Council explained it does not settle squabbles or interpret the law and were about to hand the problem to be solved by the Planning and Zoning Commission when cooler heads prevailed.

The cool head in this case belonged to the village’s lawyer who, after listening to the proceedings, raised his hand in crossing guard fashion and said it was not an issue to be solved by the village and suggested mediation with the village administrator serving as referee.

And that is where it was left, with no winners or losers, except perhaps the village administrator who will be henceforth hold the title of Village Solomon.

A veteran reporter and columnist, Barbara Christian has been covering Chagrin Falls since 1967 and is currently responsible for Chagrin Falls village events, government and school board news along with her weekly column "Window on Main Street."

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