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A couple ofweeks ago, I wrote a column about a 1969 movie called “The Manchurian Candidate,” in which mind control plays a major role in the life of its fictional character Raymond Shaw, a World War II POW who was “brain washed” into becoming a political assassin.

In the column, I wondered if that is what is going on with the “Always Trump” fans who continue to support No. 45 even after all that has been revealed about him.

In an effort to understand their rationale, I asked Trump devotees to come forward, explain their loyalty, enlighten the rest of us, and answer the question “Why?”

What are the rest of us missing about former President Donald J. Trump?

We got a lot of email in support of the idea from readers who had the same question, but nothing from Trump supporters.

We were about to give up on the idea of explaining the Trump thrall when a letter arrived at the CVT office.

Sadly, it was more an over-the-top angry criticism of Democrats, journalists, and mainstream TV broadcasting companies.

It did not tell us why the letter writers supports the former president, other than he is not Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden.

The letter is unsigned. Newspaper policy is to use only signed letters but I failed to note that in the invitation to submit so, to be fair, here it is.

Just to be clear, the charges made are the writer’s opinions and not verified facts.


Why do I continue to support Trump? Because I don’t see things the way you do.

When Biden took office, we gave upon democracy and the rule of law to a bunch of entrenched Democrats who have been in the business of gathering power and lying for many decades.

Their interest is power and their own enrichment as they seek to implement an extreme leftist agenda that is anti-American and objectionable (anathema) to a huge segment of the American population, if not the vast majority at this point.

This is not democracy. It is the use of threatened mob rule to intimidate their opponents.

For years, we have been viciously attached and denigrated for our opinions. We have been called deplorables by an insufferably arrogant, lifetime leftist intruder who though she could still, after that, become president.

As for your mention of fringe sources, your facts and opinions seem to coincide with fringe sources of your own.

You need to stay away from the defunct CNN and MSNBC and even NBC, ABC and CBS for a while. They have all become part of the media support structure for the Democratic party.

Funny, I thought journalists were supposed to take issue with government in support of the people, not the other way around. CNN has been a disgrace for decades. If you have not seen that, maybe you should broaden your perspective just a bit.

In case you want more detailed info about why some people “still” support Trump, here is a list of some things I would want to see him do if he gets a chance.

My criticism of the Democrats is implied in the following things I would like to see Trump do.


COLUMNIST’s NOTE: The list is long and some of the items are inappropriate for a family newspaper. Once again, the “To Do List” does not answer the question we originally asked. Here are a few printable items included on the list:

  • Disband the Jan, 6 committee if it is still doing its play-acting.
  • Get George Soros and his minions out of our politics permanently and deport this monster to whatever country will try him and lock him up,
  • Drain the swamp of unfire-able do nothing idiots robbing us blind with their stupid projects.
  • Run leftist idiots out of professorships and administrative oversight jobs is colleges and universities.
  • Stop the importation on visas to those who do little but fire Americans and hire their relatives.
  • Block federal funds to sanctuary cities. Sick of the invasion sponsored by the Democrat treason mentality.
  • Throw the UN off our soil and stop paying too much for it.
  • Eliminate the federal Department of Education.
  • Eliminate the Center for Disease Control so that it is staffed by medical professionals not shysters and political operatives.
  • Reform the curricula of all public schools and higher education facilities to eliminate leftist indoctrination.
  • Keep (ethnic reference) students out of technical study areas of our colleges and universities.
  • Slow down the Green (movement) before we all starve to death from the idiotic lack of planning for which this administration is guilty.

Barbara Christian has written for newspapers in the Chagrin Valley since the 1960s. Email her at:

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