Barbara Christian

And God smiled on the Geauga Gay Pride month party in Chardon square Saturday embracing the organizers, participants, and attendees with perfect weather.

There were no ark-building-inspired rainstorms, the earth did not open to reveal a fiery hell, and not a single child was recruited into gayness or signed up for indoctrination classes.

This turn of events likely confused the lower case “christians” (henceforth referred to as the LCC). There was no way their God would bless such a gathering because God agrees with them that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and drag performers have no place in the world, let alone Chardon’s town center, for all to see.

These LCC folks from a handful of area churches that came out of their own narrow closet to pen a fire and brimstone letter to the Chardon Mayor demanding the party be canceled.

In it, the LCC – invoking the word of God – condemned, opposed, and otherwise spread lies about people who only wanted to celebrate their differences on the public square in Chardon during Gay Pride Month.

Nervy of them since Chardon Square is on city property and there is a separation of church and state in America which prescribes that each stick to their own knitting.

The mayor and council responded to the LCC’s demands with a polite response noting their adherence to policies for use of the park. The public is welcome in the city’s public spaces as long as they follow the rules. There are no exceptions as to who can use the square and no mention of skin color, race, or sexual orientation.

No one asked us, but our best advice to LCCs would have been to stay away from Chardon Square during Gay Pride celebration instead of attempting to bend everyone else’s will to their myth-based fears which is lewd behavior in our book.

Their energies on that day could have been better used to do something positive like collecting food and donations for the local food bank or help an immigrant family get settled or any number of other useful and life-affirming projects.

Stepping into the secular world to judge, condemn and cancel fellow human beings based on sexual orientation is not on the list of ways to help.

God loves everyone. It is in the Bible but the quality and quantity of God’s love has been batted around more than a badminton birdie at a family reunion.

Some have it on good authority the Almighty does not care for differently gendered people and work to separate them from their God by demanding everyone else fall in step to shun and make trouble for those who are different.

This seems odd. Aren’t all people are made in God’s image?

We’ve never been a big fan of this style of organized religion for all the above and for its dismal history of causing wars, death, and persecuting “the others.”

This is not breaking news. It has always been thus.

Burton is also planning a gay pride gathering this weekend in the village square. We pray that town and all involved experience nothing but fair weather and a large turnout of love and support.

Add to that we can find forgiveness for the lower case christians and prayers they find their upper case “C.”

Barbara Christian has written for newspapers in the Chagrin Valley since the Johnson administration – Lyndon, not Andrew. Email her at:

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