Another year down the tubes and another one facing us square in the face and taunting us to have a “Happy New Year.”

But what if we want a tolerably pleasant year? Everything in moderation. So happy and you run the risk of having your face frozen into a smile. No one wants that and no one wants to see it.

Now we are not trying to be the boss of you, but the staff here at Window on Main Street has some meaningful suggestions – we won’t call them resolutions – for attaining partial nirvana in 2020.

Anyway, and lucky for us, the staffers have come up with clever way to use the letters in the words spelling HAPPY NEW YEAR. Promise! No losing weight or walking five miles a day, which are so 2019.

As they used to say on The Twilight Zone, “Now, then, for your consideration.”

Happiness is in and hate is out. Hard to imagine this will ever happen. How ’bout we give it a try?

Art is good for the soul, not only your walls. Own a piece and love it forever. Chagrin Falls’ many galleries will show you how.

Peace. Can we have some of this, please? Put this plea at the top of your “hopes and prayers” list.

Papers as in newspapers. Support the print media and avoid propaganda posing as the “real poop.”

Yay! This is the year we start celebrating our history instead of destroying it. Join the Grove Hill action committee.Save a house.

Nice as in play nice, you kids! Do it in all things, especially in business dealings. Gamesmanship is naughty, not nice.

Egads! Everyone’s doing it – complaining, shaming, criticizing aka “bullying.” Let’s stop it right now, aye?

Wonder. Keep some on hand for those times when the impossible is suddenly made possible like seeing the Northern Lights in Northeast Ohio.

You don’t have to feel guilty for not feeling you must volunteer every time someone asks. It doesn’t mean you are a traitor to the cause. As our Swedish friends would advise, “Yoost say no.”

Eliminate the toxic people, places and things in your life. You know who, what and where they are. Now burn a bundle of sage as insurance.

Awesome is one of those words that is so overused it has lost all meaning. Use your words but jettison this one. Thanks, that’d be great.

Read the directions first on everything from the label on your new prescription to the picture book that came with that new IKEA entertainment center.

There you have it, the keys to happiness in 2020. Just one qualifier. Staffers say they can’t guarantee perpetual happiness for the next 366 days (leap year) beginning Jan. 1. That would be either some kind of miracle or diagnosis for insanity.

Besides, as mentioned earlier, smiling all the time is creepy and it could get you a bed in a rehab facility or a spot on the “no fly” list.

From everyone at Window on Main Street, we wish you a tolerable, if not a totally, Happy 2020.

A veteran reporter and columnist, Barbara Christian has been covering Chagrin Falls since 1967 and is currently responsible for Chagrin Falls village events, government and school board news along with her weekly column "Window on Main Street."

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