What did you think would happen?

Tenacious. That is the one word I would use to describe former Newbury school board members (now “Newbury Task Force” members) as it relates to their ongoing struggle to blame anyone but themselves for their ignorance or naiveté. In a recent article, the team lamented about West Geauga acting as an “unwilling partner” in their quest to take back the property they gave away. It sounds like they feel their ultimate plan of “Let’s Make a Deal” may not work out the way they planned. It appears that when you give away 40 acres of prime real estate and $4.3 million, the recipients aren’t so quick to donate all of their fortunes back to you. What a revelation! I guess that when back-door deals are made, the age-old concept of “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” reigns true.

Does this surprise anyone? As with any deal, there must be 100 percent trust in all parties that everyone will be “taken care of” in the end. I think the ignorance of the former Newbury School Board members is evident more and more each day as you drive by the vacant school that once held proud, smiling students in our community. Remember that in the months ahead as you pass by a cold building, reduced to decay by even colder people.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was a different type of holiday this year but still a time when we all sat back and reflected on what we were thankful for. For some, it was their friends and family. For others, the freedom we all share living in the greatest country in the world. Whatever the reason, be thankful that 2020 will end soon and we will usher in a new year of hope and civility in our little town. A year without the questionable actions of those past members of the Newbury School Board and Task Force. Something definitely to look forward to.

Phil Paradise


You can’t have it both ways

I am not going to take issue with this publication publishing the letters from Aimee Gilman and Jeff Opperman, it is the right of the free press. However that notion clearly falls on the deaf ears of these two. 

You can’t claim to be in favor of a paper airing opposing views and then state “but don’t publish anti-mask letters until after this is over.”

Also it is quite arrogant to presume anybody to be so simple minded that they will form an opinion on masks solely based on a letter to the editor in a community paper. 

We are all adults and it is a free country. The last time I checked, we still have the freedom to form our own opinion based on our own assessment of the facts at hand, both pro and con. That ceases to occur when an entire side of the argument is deemed “unfit to print.”

Just ask the North Koreans or Cubans how many viewpoints are in their newspapers.

Chris T. Alusheff II


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