Support Pradip Kamat

When people ask me where I live, I say, “Cleveland.” It’s easier – everyone knows where Cleveland is. But I really live in Moreland Hills. I’m sure each of us living on the East Side believes that his or her municipality is the best place to live, but I wonder how often we think about how interconnected we really are. For instance, Moreland Hills doesn’t operate our own school system – our kids go to the Orange City School District, and we use the Orange Branch of the Cuyahoga County Public Library.  Moreland Hills doesn’t maintain its own fire department – we get our fire and rescue services from the Chagrin Falls Suburban Volunteer Fireman’s Association.  

On this account, the decisions that are made in our neighboring villages matter to us, even though we don’t participate in governance or the decision-making process. We trust our neighbors to make decisions that keep them thriving, and keep our immediate area a wonderful place to live.

 As we head into elections this fall, I hope everyone will look carefully at the candidates standing for local office, and the skills and talents they can bring to their municipalities.  We need leaders and thinkers that we can count on to move our villages and cities forward in a planned, cooperative and balanced manner, and in particular, I would like to encourage all our Orange Village neighbors to look at the candidacy of Pradip Kamat for Orange Village Council.  A 25-year resident of Orange, he and his wife Deborah raised their children here, and their children and grandchildren reside in Orange. He would bring to the Village Council not only his business management and leadership experience, but his practical, collaborative approaches to dealing with decision-making and group process, his extensive civic engagement, his vision, his energy, and his optimism.

Give him a good look, and above all, get out and vote.

Donna Asnani

Moreland Hills

Vote for Justin Madden

Please join me in voting for the re-election of Justin Madden for Russell Township trustee on the Nov. 5 general election. Justin’s intelligence, experience and commitment to preserving the Russell way of life make him the best choice for the job.

EXPERIENCE. Justin has served as a trustee for eight years as well as on the Russell Township Board of Zoning Appeals and the Zoning Commission. He understands the importance of comprehensive zoning and will fairly enforce the Township’s zoning resolution.

COMMITMENT. Since moving to Russell, Justin has become active in church and school activities. He has coached West Geauga varsity hockey and lacrosse. Justin and his family moved to Russell in order to enjoy the semi-rural atmosphere. He diligently works to maintain that atmosphere for others.

INTELLIGENCE. Justin is a graduate of the Ohio Northern University College of Law and serves on its board of trustees. He has been a successful trial lawyer for many years and was President of the Cuyahoga County Bar Association.

Having worked with Justin on Township matters for several years I can attest to his dedication and commitment to this community.

Please preserve the Russell way of life by voting to re-elect Justin Madden for trustee.

Jim Dickinson

Russell Township

Compromise on green space

I am responding to the article from Sept. 26 edition of the Times regarding the green space in Russell Township.  As someone who has worked in the environmental consulting business for the past 15 years and as a Russell resident, I would like to add my perspective to the discussion.  The space is nothing more than a vacant lot right now.  Many of those who are opposed to Circle K building a new gas station there point to possible contamination to the surrounding area and water systems.  The article indicates that the site is already impacted with petroleum byproducts from the past BP station and as a result, may already be affecting local groundwater. 

The trustees say they have no plans to remediate the site as of now.  Why not sell the land to Circle K with the condition that they remediate the current contamination to the property and provide some sort of landscaping to make the corner more visually appealing than the boring empty lot that is currently there?  I think that we as Russell residents do a great job supporting green space through the multiple park groups we have, but with a little flexibility on both sides, Circle K can have a promising business venture and Russell can have environmental cleanup and tax revenue to possibly support future green space initiatives.    

Andrew Foerster

Russell Township

Renew South Russell safety levy

South Russell Village residents will be asked to vote on a renew of the 2005 safety levy when they vote at Gurney Elementary School on Nov. 5. This renewal of the 2.75 mill, five-year levy will not raise taxes. It will continue bringing in $411,000 of revenue. The 2020 safety budget of 1.4 million provides for two police officers on duty 24/7.

Please help us continue our vacation watch patrol, Cops and Kids Fishing, Shop with a Cop, bike helmet patrol, Gurney visitations, Do Not Knock program, etc. This levy maintains our relationship with the Chagrin Falls Suburban Volunteer Fire Department, Valley Enforcement Group, Southeast Hazmat, and Chagrin Valley Dispatch.

Thanks in advance for your continued support of the South Russell Village Police Department.

Mayor Bill Koons

South Russell Village

Why so long?

Did you happen to see a sampling of candidates and issues for the Nov. 5 general election ballot in the local news? Did you notice the Geauga Park District wants their renewal for 20 years? Did you also notice the revised wording on the Metzenbaum Center renewal? It reads, “…passage being sought for a continuing period of time.” Does passage mean permanent?

These highly paid beauracrats are taking advantage of compassionate voters and expect us not to read the entire description let alone understand their true meanings. Therefore, what is the ultimate goal here? To silence any opposing vote in the future? Deny your Constitutional right to vote on issues impacting your taxes? Or, to guarantee their unfettered access to your wallet?

Make no mistake. These two levies are not about the protecting the environment or helping the needy. It’s about power and control over you as a taxpayer. What levies will Geauga County target next?

Suzanne Kral

Chester Township

Support Chardon schools

The buildings in the Chardon Local School District are old, inefficient and do not provide the type of education that our students need and deserve. It is time for our community to come together and provide a new building for our students, and I believe that the Chardon Community can do it.

I was the quarterback of the 1994 state championship football team. I remember when members of the community came together and organized a police escort into town on our returns from state playoff games. I remember when members of the community came together to charter a bus for our travel to the state championship game. I remember when the community organized and came out for a parade around town after we won the state championship. At that time, the Chardon community gave unbelievable support to the young people of our town. I believe that our community can come together again and do this for the young people of today and tomorrow.  I look forward to what the Chardon community can do this November.

I support Issue 21.

Scott Neill

Hambden Township

Choice clear in Orange BOE race

This is a critical time for voters in the Orange City School District.

We have recently been blindsided by lawmakers trying to defund our public school. Now, we have a candidate running for school board who is being funded by those same people.

We must stand behind both of the candidates who represent our communities and our ideals.

Candidates who are part of our community.

Candidates who know our district.

Candidates who are passionate about our schools and children.

Candidates who have spent time in our schools.

Candidates who have spent their time educating our children and their children in our Orange City School District because they believe in the education our public schools provide.

Beth Wilson-Fish and Melanie Weltman are those candidates.

Please join us in supporting and re-electing them to our school board.

On Nov. 5, vote for both Beth Wilson-Fish and Melanie Weltman.

The future of our schools and our communities depend on it.

Emmy and David Workman

Pepper Pike

Support for Moreland Hills candidates

We enthusiastically endorse Laura Kozminski-VanderHart, Steve Richman and Ted Buczek for Moreland Hills Village Council. Ted Buczek and Steve Richman have been Moreland Hills Council members for many years and have shown themselves to be decisive, tough-minded and fiscally sound leaders. They are also available, responsive and courteous to their constituents. Being an effective Council member requires a rare combination of analytical and interpersonal skills. Laura Kozminski-VanderHart excels at both. Bright, thoughtful and considerate of others, we believe Laura will make an exceptional Village Council member.

Laura, Steve and Ted share a keen understanding of and appreciation for the importance of community service. They are motivated by a desire to serve their community, not by personal goals or ambitions. All three value integrity, cooperation and civility. They will work hard together to ensure that Moreland Hills will continue to be the wonderful Village we are proud to call home. The most successful outcome for the Village depends on electing Laura, Steve and Ted to Village Council.

This November please join us in voting for Laura, Steve and Ted to maintain civility and cooperation in Moreland Hills governance.

Mayor Susan C. Renda

Council President Daniel Fritz

Moreland Hills

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