For the past eight years, South Russell residents Jo and Bob Royer have been working nonstop to bring recognition to the First Responders that serve in the Chagrin Valley.

None of us take the oath to serve expecting recognition, but it is certainly nice to receive it once in a while.

In true Royer fashion, they – and a whole bunch of volunteers – organized a picnic this past Sunday to say thanks to us, for serving you.

They also had the Gurney Elementary students make art projects that were on display at the event and each one of them wrote a heartfelt card thanking all of the First Responders.

If that wasn’t enough, they also were able to get all the food donated by local restaurants for our picnic.

Thanks to all that made our picnic special and a heart felt thank you to the Royers. We appreciate you being in our corner.

Frank M. Zugan

Chagrin Falls

Mr. Zugan has served as Fire Chief for the Chagrin Valley Fire Department since 2008.


Remembering Ira Hayes

Dear Editor,

In a couple of days we will be celebrating Memorial Day. It is a way of expressing our gratitude for the service of our citizen soldiers.

As we remember, my thoughts go to the iconic picture made February 26, 1945. It’s the picture of six Marines erecting a flag on the hill on the island of Iwo Jima. Over 200 Marines died in that fight.

Each branch of the service played an important role.

When the fight was over one of the six Marines raising the American flag was a Pima Indian named Ira Hayes.

Some soldiers die in battle and some after returning home. Hayes like many soldiers was unable to adjust to civilian life. He died a few years later of alcoholism.

On Memorial Day and every time I say the Pledge of Allegiance, I think of Ira Hayes and his Marine comrades.

Those six Marines erected the American flag, not some other flag.

There have been a variety of banners erected and waved lately, but as for me I look upon the one flag that represents the United States and the one that Ira Hayes helped raise.

Dave Partington

Munson Township


Don’t quote Bible out of context

Dear Editor,

People who have nary a modicum of familiarity with the Bible should not try and use it to support their position.

Dave Hancock’s letter titled “A perspicacious perspective” published May 19 was so full of inaccuracies and misrepresentations of what the Bible teaches that I am almost embarrassed for him.

But definitely insulted by his accusation that I and others fighting to stop the killing of unborn children hate women. What a ridiculous and desperate attempt to justify the pro-abortion position by promoting outright lies.

The Bible is so not “anti-woman” nor anti-child.

It was written in an era when women were second class citizens and actually provided protections for them and elevated them to equal status with men. But not equal roles.

I am a “self-respecting woman” who nevertheless does not chafe at considering my husband head of the household with a position of authority over me. Because I understand God’s reasoning and I trust in His unfailing love and submit ultimately to His authority.

The claim that, “life begins at birth when a baby draws its first breath” is completely nonsensical. So the child was not living before that?

This spurious reasoning takes the unique account of Adam’s creation and purports to find in it a biblical knockdown argument for abortion through all nine months. It’s actually an incredibly stupid and failed attempt to shore up their flimsy case for the killing of innocent children.

The Exodus 21 passage Mr. Hancock cites that supposedly “makes it clear that an embryo or fetus is not a human being” does nothing of the sort. “When men strive together and hit a pregnant woman, so that her children come out,” requiring the one who hit her to pay a fine, is thought by some to indicate miscarriage but more likely refers to a live expulsion, “If there is harm,” to either mother or child, “then you shall pay life for life.”

But even if it does mean miscarriage, it doesn’t follow that therefore the fetus is not a human being. But if a fetus is not a human being, what kind of being is it?

Ape? Fish? Alien?

It is undoubtedly a living conceptus produced by male and female humans and is therefore logically and biologically human as well.

The Scripture verses Mr. Hancock quotes about killing children require much more space than I am allowed here to fully explain.

Two of them merely tell of what evil men will do, but for a solid defense of God’s right and justice in sometimes decreeing that children be killed, please search “Did God Commit Atrocities in the Old Testament?” at

The humanity of the unborn is THE issue.

Mr. Hancock has not made a case that unborn children are not human beings with a right to life.

Every individual who loves the truth knows that they are. But to those who know the truth but love selfish ideology instead, they are inconvenient, expendable parasites.

Caroline Smith

South Russell


A Walder thank you

Dear Editor,

During the last few weeks, Karen and I have had the opportunity to decompress, rest, and recharge with family out west.

This has afforded me the opportunity to reflect on the primary election and appreciate the efforts and outcome of so many people.

Karen and I are overwhelmed by and grateful for the incredible help, support, confidence, comfort, investment, and physical work by so many people during the past 90 days.

Our campaign team’s restraint, diversity, commitment, and passion was noticeably devoid of infighting, ego, and divisiveness. Previously, many of you were strangers, but we are proud and grateful to now call you friends. Thank each and every one of you.

The voters of Geauga County did not just “sort of” weigh in, they emphatically made their feelings known. We have confirmed that political candidates and civility are not mutually exclusive.

I am most proud to play a role in this messaging and appreciate that this accomplishment was not mine but rather Geauga’s.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for allowing me to be part of this journey, I will continue to work every day to be deserving of your confidence and support.

I am thankful and incredibly humbled by the May 3rd results.

Chuck Walder


Mr. Walder is serving his second term as Geauga County Auditor.

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