Chasing garbage truck pays off

A huge shoutout to the wonderful Solon service department. During this past year of pandemic, shutdowns, lockdowns, letdowns and cancellations, one constant I’ve been able to count on is that if we put out our garbage and recycling on Wednesday night, they will be picked up Thursday morning by 7:30.

Just this morning (Thursday Dec. 24, Christmas Eve) I heard the recycling truck drive by our house and realized we had forgotten to put out our garbage and recycling last night. Because the garbage truck is always (like clockwork) only minutes behind the recycling truck, I ran out in my bathrobe with the garbage bin so at least that would get picked up. I was able to head them off at the pass in our neighbor’s driveway and the deed was done.

I thanked them and told them I had just missed the recycling truck. The driver asked my address and called the recycling truck to come back round our cul de sac. So, I ran back inside, still in the bathrobe, and brought out my two overflowing extra-large recycling bins and, lo and behold, the recycling truck came back and took them within a few minutes. 

This is just the kind of wonderful service I love and appreciate so much from our wonderful service department who has, in 23 years in Solon, been the one government entity that has never let me down.

Judy Pendergast


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