Support appreciated

I am humbled and honored to have received the support of over 40,000 voters in the Ohio House 76th District.

I am grateful to God, and to everyone who helped my campaign during this challenging election year.

As your elected representative, I promise to continue to do my best to be a strong voice in Columbus for all residents of the 76th District in Geauga and Portage counties.

Diane V. Grendell

Chester Township

Kudos to county engineer

I want to thank Geauga County Engineer Joseph Cattell for rescuing Chester Township residents from the flotilla of bad decision hires made by Trustees Joe Mazzurco and Ken Radtke. Under Mr. Mazzurco and Mr. Radtke, there has been more turnover of Chester Township employees than pancakes at the Rise and Dine.

Nicholas J. Gorris, the Geauga County engineer supervisor, was loaned to our township while the trustees searched for yet another department supervisor. Mr. Gorris did an amazing job managing the Chester Road Department; it may have been one of the most drama free and productive years in the departments’ history.  

Geauga County is fortunate to have such a great engineer as Joseph Cattell.  

Judy K. Zamlen-Spotts

Chester Township

Thanks for levy support

It is with a very grateful acknowledgement that we thank you. We appreciate your support for and passage of the Bainbridge Township road and bridge renewal levy that you so graciously passed last week. Thank you for taking the time to cast your ballot and for supporting this service.

We have loyal, committed employees who work very hard to keep our township roads safe and clear. Your passage of the renewal levy enables us to continue this critically important service. We couldn’t do it without you.

John Brett, road superintendent

Jim Stanek, service director

Bainbridge trustees and fiscal officer

Jeeps belong on roads

I’m sure many of you folks noted the letter to the editor by Katherine Malmquist critical of the Geauga Park District Director John Oros’ decision to allow a “Jeep Parade” of about 130 vehicles to travel down the Maple Highlands Trail and the response. Frankly, Ms. Malmquist was spot on.

I have the highest regards for our veterans.  They are selfless heroes and defenders of our cherished rights. But, that does not mean we should agree with anything they propose.   The Maple  Highlands trail is not  a highway.  As part of our park  trail system it should be a place where folks can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, have a relaxing walk or quiet bicycle ride, a place where wildlife  will not be undulely disturbed.

Those  ideals of park use are  not compatible with 130 noisy gas guzzling, pollution producing Jeep-sters roaring down this trail through pristine nature. As Katherine Malmquist so eloquently stated, there are plenty of trails for Jeeps, they are called roads including park district auto roads.

Mr. Oros admitted that the decision to allow this activity was his alone. Just recently he was apparently chastised by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for issuing fishing permits for Lake Kelso; shortly after, those permits were revoked. Lake Kelso is a state designated nature preserve, and  such activity is not permitted without an OK from the state. 

It would seem that Mr. Oros does not often even follow his own park regulations.  Check out the last video of the Geauga County Park commissioners’ meeting at Big Creek Park ( You will see the signs on the front door of the Meyers Center indicating that masks must be worn by all folks entering the building. Neither Mr. Oros nor the commissioners can be seen wearing masks with rare exception. 

Incidentally, all other park employees at that meeting were wearing masks virtually all the time.   

One may well wonder how many more poor decisions will occur at the hands of the park director.

John G. Augustine

Parkman Township

Judge thanks voters

Thank you to everyone who voted to provide me the opportunity to continue to serve as Geauga County’s Probate/Juvenile Court Judge. It is an honor and a privilege.

I will continue to work hard, with the support of the court’s dedicated staff, to protect our county’s youth, families and seniors. Such goals sometimes require tough judicial decisions which, while based on family therapy professionals, may still be unpopular, but are necessary to protect the best interests of the children, or safety of the seniors, who are involved with the probate/juvenile court. Such is the solemn reality of judicial office, and I am honored to continue to serve Geauga County through fair and equitable administration of justice.

Timothy J. Grendell

Chester Township

Food collection largest ever

The Bainbridge Area Food for Friends would like to personally thank all participating businesses, the Chagrin Valley Chamber, local volunteers and the thousands of great neighbors who donated to the Drive-by Food Drive on Oct. 18 that was organized by the Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Everyone truly outdid themselves. It was our largest food collection ever. We received all the items we needed, plus new items like pet food. The total collection was 8,543 pounds. Don’t even try to top it, that’s impossible. It couldn’t have come at a better time since we have our annual Thanksgiving and Christmas distribution coming on Nov. 19-20 and Dec. 18-21.

Speaking of records, our great neighbors also donated $2,562 in checks and cash. (One check from Catherine Hattenbach for $1,500.)

Our volunteers are still working at the pantry (almost around the clock) to organize the items received. We also want to thank our local fire and police departments for helping all of us sort and move donations around. In this unprecedented year of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ramifications it has brought to the economy and unemployment, our neighbors in need thank you more than you know. With heartfelt thanks, God bless you.

Rolly Lufkin


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