Support Duber, Charnas, Vincent

Since 1988, Herb Braverman and Frances Kluter have been fixtures on Orange Village Council. They have helped see the village through some challenging times and helped make Orange a very desirable place to live. After 32 years, they have both decided to retire from council.  

Fortunately, we have Brandon Duber to help fill this void. For the past eight years, Mr. Duber has been a key member of council. During his tenure, Pinecrest was built, and as part of the development agreement, council was able to secure funding from the developer to provide 7 miles of recreational trails throughout the village. There have been new amenities at the Orange Village Park including the dog park, pickleball courts and a wonderful new playground. We were the first community in Ohio to pass a plastic bag ban and we recently instituted a Do Not Knock Registry.  

Mr. Duber preaches transparency and our meetings can now be viewed online. Our finances are in very good shape, and Pinecrest is going to only enhance the village’s ability to serve its residents. 

Mr. Duber would be the first one to tell you he did not accomplish all of this on his own. He has worked collaboratively with the rest of council and the administration to ensure they are all doing all they can to make Orange Village a great place to live. He is very concerned with how and if, any of the remaining open areas of Orange are developed as he wants to maintain green space and the small town feel.  

Mr. Duber is a natural leader who has served as council president for most of his time on council. He enjoys talking to Orange residents to find out what they like about living in the village and what suggestions they may have. He takes the time to listen to the rest of council about what is important to them as the legislative agenda is formulated. 

It is critical we re-elect Mr. Duber, and we must ensure we surround him with talented people who can help overcome the tremendous loss of institutional knowledge after Mr. Braverman and Mrs. Kluter retire. There are two candidates who fit the bill.  

Alan Charnas joined council in July, replacing the late Ron Barron. During his first few months in office, Mr. Charnas has already demonstrated his thoughtful, intelligent approach to analyzing situations which have come before council. He is very approachable and is dedicated to making sure Orange Village continues to thrive. 

Staci Adelman Vincent is a very intelligent, energetic and creative person who would be a great addition to council. She takes the time to know all of those she comes in contact with and their concerns become her concerns. Mrs. Vincent is a devoted employee of the Orange Schools. She has a passion for Orange Village, our residents and our schools.

On Nov. 5, please vote for Brandon Duber, Alan Charnas, and Staci Adelman Vincent.

Councilman Scott A. Bilsky

Orange Village

Vote Darren Wyville for council

I have had the honor of knowing Darren for more than 40 years. We have a common tie of growing up and living in the Chagrin Valley, along with a desire to be involved with our community and make it an even better place to live.

As a former councilman and mayor, I know that some of the key traits needed for an elected official are integrity, honesty, ability to work with others and to work through complex topics. He has exemplified these traits throughout his life; from volunteering, to coaching, to community engagement.

I have personally always found Darren to be very genuine – caring about myself and my family. These characteristics are essential for a person in a position to make important decisions that will impact you, your family and the experience you have living in the wonderful village that is Chagrin Falls.

In addition to his passion for his community, Darren also has the acumen to work through the many complex issues that face the village. He has had a vast amount of experience examining various issues, digging into details, weighing potential options and collaborating with others to find the right solution.

I absolutely feel that Darren truly has a passion to make Chagrin Falls the best village possible and will make a tremendous contribution in his role as councilman.

Matt Brett

South Russell

Re-elect Quigley for future of Newbury

I enthusiastically support the re-election of Glen Quigley for Newbury Township Trustee. As a 30-plus-year resident of Newbury and an owner of a business on Route 87, I have a unique perspective on Glen’s commitment to local businesses and his unwavering devotion to Newbury’s nearly 6,000 residents.

I like to quip that Mr. Quigley is green on green: he protects our zoning, our property values and our rural atmosphere while cultivating a tax base to support our township services. Through Mr. Quigley’s conservative management on taxes and spending, Newbury Township has the lowest tax rate of any township in Geauga County. Mr. Quigley also realizes the pending Newbury/West Geauga school consolidation will lower overall real estate taxes approximately 25 percent for residents and businesses, facilitating a huge and effective economic stimulus for the entire township.

Mr. Quigley has been the steady hand and voice of reason at township meetings, especially over the past couple of years as our community has fractured over the fate of the Newbury school system. Mr. Quigley has not taken sides or advanced his personal opinions and agenda like his opponent Mike Reardon, who has been pushing hard to stop the Newbury/West Geauga school consolidation and the improved real estate market, better education for our kids and much lower real estate taxes that come with it.

Now that the school consolidation is certain to happen, however, Glen is showing leadership in representing the township’s interests and guiding the fate of the Newbury school land and buildings to ensure their future use will benefit the township, and potentially create a huge source of pride and additional tax revenue for the township.

As a local business owner, I need the assurance of stability and confidence in my local leaders. As a homeowner I need to feel my trustees are protecting my property values and the rural atmosphere, which is why I live in Newbury. Glen has proven he can do both. Glen knows why I live and do business in Newbury.

Charles Davis


Retain Madden as trustee

I had the pleasure of working with Justin Madden for five years at Russell Township and found him easy to work with, dedicated to maintaining large lot zoning and open to considering new ideas and better approaches in response to township challenges.

Mr. Madden’s leadership as chairman of the Board of Township Trustees contributed significantly to the township’s savings of over $1 million in operation and maintenance expenses from 2013-2018. His initiatives included merging the township maintenance department into the road department, outsourcing the township landscaping work and improving the town hall, cemetery and administration buildings.

While many townships are just now reacting to the reduction of local government funding and the loss of estate tax, Justin recognized the need early on to move each township department’s budget to become self-sufficient. Please retain Justin Madden as Russell Township Trustee.

Charles E. Walder

Russell Township

Vote for fiscal improvement

Writing to you as two of the 42 percent of voters in Moreland Hills that voted against the 2018 safety issue in the 2018 election, we support the candidacy of Ethan Spencer for a council position.

Our reason for not supporting the levy increase was based on the enormous amount of our tax dollars that had previously been spent on a $5 million garage, $1 million garbage and recycle trucks and numerous large-cost private land purchases that became parks with their accompanying large improvements and ongoing maintenance needs. It was difficult for us to comprehend that with all those costs incurred, that additional dollars were needed to fix the leaking roof on the police station. Deemed the easiest language that residents could be sold on by our current members of council and our mayor, the “safety issue” was created to increase our property taxes and fix that leaking roof!

We say it is time for some fresh input and energy to fiscal planning and subsequent spending which is why we are glad to welcome veteran 20-year village resident Ethan Spencer and his proven education. His real-life experience in finance for input is deserving of the residents’ support in the General Election for council.

Ben and Debbie George

Moreland Hills

Appreciation for Geauga Learn

The Geauga Learn Program celebrated its 10th year this year by hosting 422 Geauga County sixth-graders at The Great Geauga County Fair. Free passes to the fair were provided to 241 families through the program.

While a state legislator, I was talking with fourth-graders at a school in the western portion of Geauga County, when a student asked me, “Is it true that chocolate milk comes from a brown cow?” While at first I thought the student was joking, it turned out that it was a serious question – and serious indeed for Geauga County. Agriculture is still the No. 1 business in Geauga County. Our agricultural landscape and traditional family values are what makes Geauga County such a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

That experience led me, my wife State Rep. Diane Grendell, Helen Scheuring from Hambden Township and John Ralph of Chardon to initiate the Geauga Learn Program at The Great Geauga County Fair, with the help of Howard Bates and the fair board.

During the past decade, nearly 5,000 Geauga County students have participated in the Geauga Learn Program, learning about agriculture, Geauga County history, U.S. Military history, earth science and natural resources at The Great Geauga County Fair.

The success of the program year in and year out hinges on its many partners who donate their time and resources to ensure that participating students can learn about and experience the county’s agricultural heritage at The Great Geauga County Fair. I am grateful to the following individuals and organizations for their support and dedication to the success of the Geauga Learn Program: The Great Geauga County Fair Board, the Hambden Grange, the Burton American Legion, Geauga Farm Bureau (especially Bob Suget and Jerry Mitchell), Geauga Soil and Water (especially Camille Shale), Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Kenston Schools (especially Superintendent Nancy Santilli and Middle School Principal Pat Brockway), West Geauga Schools (especially Superintendent Dr. Rich Markwardt, Jim Kish and Middle School Principal Ron Dahlhofer), St. Anselm School, St. Helen School, St. Joan of Arc School, various state legislators, Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand and the wonderful employees of the Geauga County Probate/Juvenile Court.

Educating Geauga County’s youth about its agricultural heritage and rich history helps ensure Geauga County’s future, and I look forward to working with Geauga Learn’s community partners to bring another round of sixth graders through the Great Geauga County Fair again next year!

Timothy J. Grendell

Judge, Geauga Probate/Juvenile Court

Protect parks with levy vote

Would you invest in land that protected your property value, helped keep your drinking water clean and provided the oxygen you breathe? And all this at no more cost than you are currently paying? It gets better.

You also can to use the land for picnics and family parties. You can take advantage of fun nature programs available at no cost for everyone from toddlers to seniors, provided by an incredible group of naturalists and staff. Whether you are an ardent hiker, horseback rider or you just want to sit in a beautiful, quiet space and eat your lunch, Geauga Parks are a treasure that belong to all of us. Park administrations come and go, but this 20-year reduced renewal levy helps to ensure that a baby born this year will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Geauga Parks throughout their entire childhood.

Protect Geauga Parks continues its mission to conserve, preserve and protect our parks. We understand the value of Geauga parks, both now and into the future. The trustees of Protect Geauga Parks strongly support the passage of Issue 23. Vote “yes” for parks!

Kathryn Hanratty


Not all candidates are the same

No one is born with leadership ability or wisdom. Those skills are hard to measure and developed over years of experience, training and reflection. One candidate can look and even sound like another candidate, but they can have vastly different levels of skill and insight. That’s the way I see the race for Newbury Trustee.   

We have one candidate with proven wisdom and leadership ability in Glen Quigley and two other candidates for Newbury Trustee that are unproven and untested. We know about Glen’s leadership through his good works. He’s kept our township taxes the lowest in Geauga County all while providing high quality township services and adding places where we can gather and enjoy family and friends. I’m thinking of the Veteran’s Park where we can honor our veterans and enjoy outside concerts and gatherings.

I’m also thinking of Glen’s approach to sticky problems and hurt feelings. He’s thoughtful and measured. Glen is a peacemaker. That’s the sign of an individual with wisdom and great leadership skills and that’s why I’m supporting Quigley for Newbury Trustee. Let’s keep what works. 

Steve Hoffman


Park district levy a bargain

I am writing to give my wholehearted endorsement to Issue 23 on the Nov. 5 ballot and to encourage others to check out the case for support and do so, too.

I love our Geauga Park District. Headwaters Park is my happy place. I take my kayak, my cup of coffee, and go sit by a campfire for an afternoon. The moment I slip that kayak into the water, everything settles out. It’s one of my best thinking places, one of my best praying places and I didn’t have to travel hours to get there! I have made use of the parks since my children were little, over 38 years now. In those years, I have seen the parks stewarded well. Everything has been done in keeping with the idea of conserving, managing and using the property to the benefit of our communities with an eye to future generations. The properties are so well maintained. Everything that I have seen added over the years, from lodges to bike trails, fits in beautifully with the natural habitat. It has been done with excellence.

Geauga Park District is asking us to approve renewing an existing 1 mill levy with a renewed and decreased 0.9 mill levy. That’s about $22 a year for the owner of a $100,000 home. Talk about a return on investment. Where else are you going to find a bargain like that?

That includes year-round free family activities, lodges and shelters, kayaks, educational programs for all ages, and miles of beautiful hiking and biking trails and much, much more. I am more than happy to vote yes and contribute a few of my tax dollars toward our Geauga Park District’s ongoing upkeep, care and preservation. I consider it a blessing to have this resource in my backyard.

Jenny Jerman


Quigley is caring, authentic

Newbury is about to get a new resident! Glen Quigley’s mom just turned 101 years old and asked Glen if she could come home to him. So, this upcoming week Glen is traveling to Indiana, packing his mother up and bringing her to live with him in Newbury. You might see her sitting on Glen’s screened porch or even at the grocery store – be sure to say hi!

That’s the kind of person Glen Quigley is and just one of the reasons I support his re-election for Newbury Trustee. Glen is caring and authentic. He does the right thing for the right reasons. We can be very proud that we have the best Trustee in all of Geauga County working for us.

Catherine Leffler


Madden preserves way of life

I am writing to express my support for Justin Madden for Russell Township Trustee. I feel he is the best candidate for this position because of his experience, education and track record of commitment and service to the people of Russell, and to preserving the Russell Township way of life, including large lot zoning and promoting respect for the environment. I endorse Mr. Madden in his bid for re-election as Russell Township Trustee this November.

Christina Livers

Russell Township

Support for Andrew Rockey

I have known Andrew Rockey for more than 20 years. He is the son of friends and former neighbors of ours, and I have witnessed him grow from an inquisitive child to a thoughtful adult. He is a caring, intelligent and forward-thinking individual.

He has family roots in the Chagrin Falls area going back many generations, and six years ago, after graduating from Case Western Reserve University, he bought a home in the village. He was always a positive influence on my children when they were growing up and has continued to be a positive influence in his local community and for the Chagrin Falls Jaycees.

As a Village Council member, he would certainly have the best interest of the village and its residents at heart. I think he would make a great addition to the Chagrin Falls Village Council and I fully support his candidacy.

Rick Martin

Chagrin Falls

Keep South Russell moving forward

It is very easy for Linda and I to endorse the re-election of Bill Koons for mayor of South Russell, re-election of Gerald Canton for council and election of Chris Berger for council. All three of these candidates have an educational background. We are proud to have a very successful Gurney Elementary School in our village. Chagrin Falls schools, including South Russell Village, is rated number three in achievement in the state of Ohio. Candidates like these three will make sure the schools will continue to be successful.

Linda and I have lived in South Russell for over 55 years and have enjoyed watching it grow into a wonderful semi-rural village. Through the years it has been a “team” approach inspired by our mayors and village council members to make this growth successful. With Bill, Gerald and Chris, the teamwork will continue. Please vote for this team to keep the village of South Russell on the move.

Tom and Linda Mattern

South Russell

New perspective needed on board

We need fresh eyes on the Orange School Board to represent us taxpayers who want to know how efficiently our tax dollars are being utilized. Currently, the Orange school district spends the most per student in the state, but is not even a top-20 performing school. Instead of maintaining the status quo and re-electing the same people for the school board, we need somebody who is willing to ask tough questions and find out why the Orange school district continues to spend the most (or almost the most in past years) money per student in the state but is not a top performing school. 

If we maintain the status quo, we will once again be asked to pony up even more of our hard earned money in the next couple of years to pay for Orange schools. We need to stop rubber stamping “yes” every time a tax levy is requested and ask some hard questions as to where the money is going. Property taxes in Pepper Pike are more per square foot than what I paid on the north side of Chicago, where I once lived. Rather than the Orange school district increasing real estate values, as the argument goes, excessive property taxes will begin to reduce property values due to the 2018 federal income tax $10,000 limit on state and local tax deductions. Real estate devaluation is already occurring in other high-tax markets throughout the country because many people really do buy real estate for the tax deductions to make up for the hassle of maintaining it. Sending more money to Orange schools will do little to further increase school performance or increase property values.  

I believe the Orange school district can be managed more efficiently with existing resources while also increasing student performance and enjoyment. We just need a new set of eyes on the Orange school board to find the means to accomplish this tough task. That is why I will be voting for Meredith Bond in November as she has the experience and motivation to do so. 

Jennifer DeMuth

Pepper Pike

Bond to provide fiscal responsibility

Orange School Board candidate Meredith Bond came and visited our family’s longstanding 50-year-old business, Mooney and Sons Service Station.

Right from the start, we were all very impressed with the fact that Dr. Bond came up and recognized us as such and expressed her most sincere appreciation for our small businesses’ contributions to the Orange City School District over our 50 years of service. We all could tell right away that Dr. Bond was a leader, which was exemplified through the way she conducted herself, the way she spoke and the way she responded to questions. We were profoundly impressed to say the least and her presentation exceeded our expectations.

Dr. Bond shared with us that over our 50 years of service, we have contributed over $1 million dollars to the Orange School District. That was incredible! But what was more incredible was how Dr. Bond masterfully was able to tie everything together by recognizing how hard we work as a family unit to support the Orange school district and the high price we all pay, for hardly mediocre results. Those results rank Orange schools well below neighboring communities such as Beachwood, Solon, Chagrin Falls, Mayfield and West Geauga. All while Orange schools receive the most money per pupil in the State of Ohio, over $24,000. Dr. Bond went on to explain that Orange District taxpayers deserve better than having to pay thousands of dollars per year more than our neighboring communities for a less successful education. Dr. Meredith Bond will bring the expertise, innovation, and creativity needed to provide top quality education at reasonable costs.

For small businesses like ourselves, we are constantly trying to figure out how to do more with less. We tell ourselves “we can’t work any harder,” and it forces us to work smarter. After Dr. Bond’s visit, we understood that it is her goal to do the same with Orange schools. Dr. Bond explained that our district has the money, and now it’s time to kick it into overdrive for the benefit of our children. It’s important to note that after Dr. Bond’s visit, we felt empowered, energized and motivated. We were woken up with her energy. We all thought that if she had this type of impact on us, then it’s an absolute must that our kids in the Orange school district be exposed to Dr. Bond’s positivity and solution oriented leadership to help them grow and develop.   

For those of you who call on us and trust us to service your precious vehicles, trust us once again by voting for Dr. Meredith Bond for Orange School Board. The Mooney Family stands behind Dr. Meredith Bond 100 percent and we encourage other Orange school district families to do the same. I encourage you to reach out to her and see for yourself what she has to offer, and we are confident you will see for yourself that she is the “Smart Choice for Orange Schools”

Michael Mooney

Orange Village

Rockey unifies neighbors

I have known Andrew Rockey for the past 1 1/2 years since we moved into his neighborhood on Bradley Street. We have become friends with him and his wife Christina not only because of the closeness of our houses, but because they are truly wonderful people. Andrew has always been very helpful in regards to helping maintain our home and property. He has also been a leader in coalescing the local neighbors into a more unified friendship, hosting holiday parties and barbecues “just because.”

We have seen some turnover in neighbors and new neighbors have been welcomed to the street by Andrew with the same enthusiasm that we were welcomed. He has also taken the time to get to know the residents that have lived on the street longer than he has, and has been instrumental in creating unity amongst a diverse street, allowing for everyone to better understand one another to become better neighbors and foster friendships.

For these reasons and many more, I know that Andrew would make a great Village Council member and I fully support his candidacy.

Jessica Pisano

Chagrin Falls

Support for Canton, Berger

On Nov. 5, I urge the voters of South Russell Village to cast their ballots for Gerald Canton and Christopher Berger, candidates for South Russell Village Council.

I have served as a councilman for South Russell for fourteen years, the last four with Gerald Canton. He is an excellent Councilman, fiscally prudent and dedicated to the best interests of village residents. Gerald has served with distinction on the Village Park Committee, a time during which he spearheaded the construction of the playground at the village park. Gerald has also served admirably on the South Russell Village’s Streets and Properties Committees, ensuring the Village streets and other infrastructure are maintained in the best possible condition. His experience and accomplishments as a councilman more than warrant his re-election.

Christopher Berger is an exceptional candidate for South Russell Village Councilman as well. Christopher has lived in the Village for more than 25 years, served as the Whitetail Homeowner’s Association president, is an attorney and would bring his extensive business consulting experience to the job. Christopher has also played an important part in helping to address storm water issues in the Village over the past year, a demonstration of his long-time commitment to the Village and its residents.

Gerald Canton and Christopher Berger are the best candidates for election to South Russell Village council. This Nov. 5, I recommend the voters elect them as councilmen.

Mark E. Porter

South Russell

Support for Staci Vincent

Staci Vincent, candidate for Orange Village Council, is by far the most qualified candidate we have the privilege to support. Staci has demonstrated her intelligence, insights, and effectiveness in her role as an Emmy award-winning Washington, D.C. national news correspondent, conducting private interviews with dozens of American leaders including President George H. Bush, President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Madeline Albright, Senators Howard Metzenbaum and John Glenn and Governor Mike DeWine, to name just a few.

Staci is not a novice to the workings of Orange Village. Twenty years ago she made the decision to move to Orange Village to raise her family. She regularly attends Orange Council meetings, Planning & Zoning and Finance committee meetings as well as Orange School Board meetings. Her passion and spirit for our community are evident in her role as a communications specialist for the Orange schools. Her list of accomplishments and awards for her work in our community is impressive. Staci considers every issue with intelligence and enthusiasm.

With the rapid growth of Orange Village from a semi-rural community to a community of new housing developments, a beautiful municipal center and park and a large mixed-use area we must ensure our Council is guided by residents who respect the nature of our past and have the vision and expertise to guide us into the new decade. Staci is that person. In addition to her expertise in our local government, she is an active listener. She hears the wishes of our residents, young and old, those new to the village and those with a long history here. Her ideas show careful thought and research. As a responsive, hard-working Council member, Staci will be an invaluable asset to all of us. We urge you to vote for Staci Vincent on Nov. 5.

Ben and Ellen Richman

Orange Village

Vincent great choice for council

One of the many things I love about my community is that it provides me with the opportunity to select leaders from a myriad of very highly qualified people. The candidates for positions on the Orange Village Council are examples that affirm my belief that our village has a remarkable number of talented citizens who are not afraid to step forward in an effort to make a great community even better. 

Now, studying the ballot and casting my vote is as involved as I usually get. However, this year’s election has caught my attention, and while it is a blessing to have so many candidates who are capable and well intentioned, it does present us with a selection challenge. Therefore, it is particularly important that all of us who are registered to vote do our homework. Carefully determining which individuals will best represent us does take some time and effort, but the results of doing so will impact us and our community for years to come.  

After reviewing the campaign information, I have come to the conclusion that Staci Vincent is uniquely qualified to serve on the village council. Staci is an exceptional individual who, in my opinion, stands tall among a very strong field of candidates. Her experiences as a long-time resident, her involvement in school and community affairs and the energy she brings to virtually everything she does has won me over. Moreover, I believe that her commitment to be a straightforward advocate for her fellow residents and her capacity to communicate in an open, honest manner will serve us well.

It has been said that the best way to judge future success is to look at the past track record. In this regard, Staci Vincent possesses the enthusiasm, integrity, temperament and focus required to be an extraordinary councilwoman – just ask anyone who has worked with her on a project! I wholeheartedly endorse her, and I ask my fellow residents to consider her candidacy. 

Albert G. Roberts

Orange Village

Question about fiscal officer

Do not bother asking Chester Township Fiscal Officer Craig Richter how much money has been wasted and spent on the Chester Recycle Park – he doesn’t know.

Chester Township residents have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on this fiasco, not to mention the myriad of hours that the Chester road crew has complained about cleaning up this mess and the hours our Chester Police Department has wasted “policing” the site and instructing residents on how to use the recycle park.

The Chesterland Kiwanis had a good idea, and their idea was a money-making recycle park.  However, Ken Radtke and especially ousted trustee Bud Kinney interfered with the Kiwanis’ initial plan and the site went south early on.

They are making no money on this site and we the residents are paying to haul trash that is being brought to Chesterland by trash dumpers from Lake, Cuyahoga, Portage and Trumbull County. Last week, a truck load of garbage was dumped by a truck with West Virginia license plates.

Radtke failed to keep the promise of installing cameras and monitoring the site. Don’t forget the impact that this recycle/garbage site had on the quality of life for those living on Seminary Lane.

After two years of intensive planning (never mind that the same people are now on the Chester Planning Committee) they place this recycle/garbage dump site on a main road. Who puts a garbage dump site on a main road? Chester Township Trustees.

Judy K. Zamlen-Spotts

Chester Township

Vote for Meredith Bond

The digital signage board in front of Orange High School says that the Orange schools are “committed to making a difference.” Meredith Bond, a 2019 candidate for the Orange school board, is ideally suited to make that happen. As dean of the Cleveland State University College of Sciences and Health Professions and a lifelong educator, she has the necessary blend of skills, success and passion to find solutions to Orange’s current challenges.

According to the recent Ohio Board of Education Report, Orange is ranked No. 24 in the state while our neighboring schools outpace us with Solon at No. 1, Chagrin Falls at No. 3 and Beachwood at No. 6. At the same time, Orange schools’ cost per pupil is 24-36 percent higher than these higher ranked schools.

Dr. Meredith Bond has just one agenda: to achieve the best outcome for our students, while receiving full value for our dollars spent.

Jewel Siegel

Moreland Hills

Re-elect Glen Quigley

I’ve lived my entire life in Newbury Township. I graduated from Newbury schools. I raised my family in Newbury. The people of Newbury have honored me with their trust and recently re-elected me as their township trustee for a fifth term, so I am familiar with the type of individual who makes a good trustee for Newbury. That’s why I’m asking you to re-elect Glen Quigley. Glen has worked with me on the Board of Trustees for well over a decade, and during that time I have witnessed Glen’s ability to do what’s in the community’s best interest without regard to politics. By working together in a cooperative spirit we’ve been able to manage our township budget so carefully that we have achieved some of the lowest township property taxes in Geauga County. Clearly, township government is working for Newbury residents. Let’s keep what works and re-elect Glen Quigley as Newbury Township Trustee.   

Bill Skomrock

Newbury Township

Glen Quigley wise choice

My vote for Newbury Township Trustee will be Glen Quigley. I like his slogan “keep what works.” There are two people challenging Glen this November; I’ve done my homework on both and found Glen to be the wise choice. With Glen, you know what you are getting. Glen is professional, researches the issues of the township and makes informed decisions.

Mike Reardon is running against Glen and aggressively fighting to keep Newbury schools independent and end the consolidation. He does not understand government funding. He disputes our county auditor and claims real estate taxes will not decrease by joining West Geauga schools. He is wrong, the auditor is correct. Our real estate taxes will permanently decrease by approximately 25 percent beginning with our January 2020 tax bill. When Mr. Reardon hears someone question his motives, he becomes angry and threatens legal action or calls the sheriff like he recently did against one member of the Teague family. If he cannot maturely manage differing opinions or conflict, how is he going to handle public office? My fear is having another hot head in office. By supporting an independent school system he supports higher taxes. The whole time he was asking for support of keeping Newbury schools independent, he open enrolled his children into the Kenston school district. He kept this quiet, only to place a “Kenston Bombers” sign on his lawn the day after the referendum was officially dead.

Two candidates for Newbury School Board baffle me. Marty Sanders is fighting hard to end the territory transfer with West Geauga. He has been abrasive – yelling, name calling and repeatedly calling fellow board members liars. He opposed the transfer at the Geauga ESC meetings and gathered signatures for the referendum. His behavior is interfering with helping our children in the transition. Since his battle to stay independent is over due to the lack of support from the community, he suddenly had an epiphany and wants to help.

Jessica Alldredge is running alongside Marty Sanders for school board. She is championing to stay independent, fighting for the referendum, and making the transition harder for our children. Ms. Alldredge also has an anger issue, threatening to “throat punch” a Newbury trustee. According to the Sheriff’s report filed by Deputy Pavlick, Ms. Alldredge stated “she was upset with the way Newbury schools were headed and was upset about how she never received information regarding other Newbury Township Trustees.” In an email to the West Geauga School Board members, she stated: “you would be better off as a district to ‘cherry pick’ students with open enrollment. That way you are not dealing with the kids and their parents that don’t want to be at West Geauga, and you can get the money that you need that way.” Mr. Sanders and Ms. Alldredge will only create more havoc at meetings until the transfer takes place. I’ve had enough of the circus on display during the meetings!

Think before you vote.

Rose Yaecker


Issues with committee

I think that the Chester Planning Committee should change their committee name to something more in line with their obvious goals. Instead of Chester Planning Committee, I recommend, “The Tom Basista Chesterland Plaza Enhancement Committee.”

First they said there would be no apartments. Then they said they want to build high-end condos and townhouses. Now they have admitted that they want to build high-density apartments and are making federal grant requests.

Ken Radtke, Frank Kolk and Tom Basista have stated that this is all going to be done for the “good of our senior citizens.”  And for them to tell us that Chesterland seniors will be availed of this housing is so misleading. It is not legal to say that only “certain” people can live there, and they know that full well. They should ask the realtors on this committee; there is no shortage of realtors on this project, big surprise.

If Tom Basista wants to change zoning and build apartments on the Chesterland Plaza site location, he should draft plans and take them to the zoning board. He has every right to make this request.

Chesterland Plaza Enhancement Committee, that’s my recommendation.

Judy K. Zamlen-Spotts

Chester Township

Keep Orange schools excellent

As a parent of a child in the Orange City School District, I wholeheartedly endorse Melanie Weltman and Beth Wilson-Fish for re-election to the Board of Education. After attending the candidates’ night at the Orange library, my support is as strong as ever.

I understand that the position of fiscal responsibility that Meredith Bond speaks of sounds appealing; however, as anyone with children in the district knows, Orange is a special place that teaches to the whole student and is not solely focused on rankings and state report cards. I actually think our numbers and grades are amazingly high given that the district has made a choice not to “teach to the test” as so many other districts do.

My husband and I visited many districts before picking Orange, including several of our neighboring districts along with one on the west side. It was no contest. The level of attention to what each student needs was readily apparent even in an hour-long visit. We moved here, bought a house and paid taxes along with countless other friends and neighbors specifically for this exceptional public school experience.

Orange schools are excellent. Anyone with experience in the district can tell you this. Mrs. Weltman and Mrs. Wilson-Fish have been trustworthy stewards of our children’s education, which in turn benefits the entire community. Vote to re-elect these intelligent, compassionate women on Nov. 5.

Jackie Godic

Pepper Pike

Vote Vincent for a fresh perspective

When considering someone for a seat on Village Council, a number of factors need to be considered. The overall composition of the council in terms of practical experience, diversity of thought, and experience in the community are chief among these considerations

My family and I have had the pleasure of knowing Staci Vincent and her family for nearly 20 years. During this time, I have witnessed Staci’s devotion to helping her community, the Orange schools and her family. In all of her endeavors, she has demonstrated dedication to excellence and concern for those around her. Staci is determined, sincere and reliable.

These personal attributes, combined with her education and extensive communications experience give Staci a unique perspective that blends national political exposure with a deep appreciation for the needs of her community. Staci would bring a fresh and diverse perspective to the Orange Village Council.

Rick Hamilton

Pepper Pike

Vote ‘yes’ on parks renewal levy

For nearly 30 years, the Foundation for Geauga Parks has provided financial support to the Geauga Park District. We helped purchase the land that is now the West Woods, the Rookery and Observatory Park. We funded the building of West Woods Nature Center and the rehabilitation of the Nassau Station telescope and facility. We purchased binoculars and field guides for more than 10,000 Geauga County fifth-grade students participating in the Geauga Park District’s Nature Scopes program. The tremendous support we received when raising these funds clearly demonstrates the passion our community has for our parks and the environment.

With that in mind, we encourage Geauga County residents to vote “yes” in support of the upcoming park district levy. This renewal levy is one of three voter-approved operating levies that support the maintenance of our beautiful parks, the salaries and benefits of the dedicated and talented people who work for the park district and the many fantastic programs that educate young and old about the importance of nature to our physical, mental and emotional health. Parks protect the watershed, clean our air, enhance property values and make Geauga County a more desirable place to live and work. 

Please join us in supporting this worthy cause.

Jeff Hyde

Board President

Foundation for Geauga Parks

McMullen is fiscally irresponsible

Munson, I am asking you to NOT vote for Irene McMullen. Not because she isn’t a caring person, but because she has not done her job of managing tax dollars wisely.

Irene, appointed in 2009 by Todd Ray, started with a cash surplus of over $2 million. Today, the surplus is less than $300,000.

In 2010, Irene decided not to include the Christian term “Easter” in the spring event name. That brought national outrage to Munson’s doorstep and angry residents to a special meeting to complain while Andy and Todd sat silent.

In 2011, the budget commission ordered Munson to explain plans for that $2 million surplus. Irene and Todd should have recognized the need for a financial forecast then.

In 2015, Irene voted to cut down historic trees on Fowlers Mill and ask the county to make plans to relocate ditches, stabilize the road and widen it to 26 feet, estimated at $540,000 to maintain less than 1 mile of our 48.12 road miles.

In 2016, angry residents “petitioned” Irene to just repave and save more than $200,000. Irene fought the residents and ignored their majority petition. She was warned there may not be enough cash to pay contracted bills. In December 2016, the township could not pay the contract amount of $116,656.75 due the fire department. Nor could they pay the same in December 2017 and 2018. Is that “Fiscally Responsible”?

Go to and play the 2019 Budget Hearing. Spend some time on the site. Listen to what the commission thinks about Munson and why we need to prevent another four years of Irene. Listen to the county treasurer call our budget a “joke” and ask Irene when Munson could deliver a five-year budget plan. Her response after more than 10 years in office is absurd and unacceptable.

And if your vote elects the combination of Irene and Todd, who will build a long term plan? Irene, who told the county treasurer she couldn’t commit to deliver one? Or Todd, an educator, with no financial planning experience?

During candidates’ night, Irene told us she garnered over $440,000 in grants since 2017. Our 2020 revenue report, the same one the commission used, totals grants received since 2015 at $73,301.52. Not even close, Irene.

Why is Irene the only candidate running in Munson and not paying attention to zoning? Her rules say temporary signs must be outside the right of way, no closer than 25 feet of a side lot line, not placed on a property outside of 30 days to the event or without asking permission. I received a picture of one of her gazillion signs nailed to a tree less than 10 feet from the road and placed on Sept. 25, 41 days before the election. Don’t the rules apply to her?

Want details and documented truth? Visit and look around to learn why many of us are frustrated with her.

Rich Ferlin

Munson Township

Condemning political tactics

Elections should be about character and positions.

Letters that are sent around anonymously attacking candidates are a cowardly attempt at influence. I know because my family and I were the subject of one. Recently my opponent in the Ward 1 Solon City Council race was also targeted, and I’m stating publicly and emphatically that this tactic should be condemned.

After I was targeted in an anonymous letter with outrageous allegations, a reporter from this newspaper used the letter as a pretext for an interview and a published article.

Yet soon after I was targeted, my opponent used those same allegations in a negative attack on me and mailed them to the residents in my ward. Neither the reporter nor my opponent cited the anonymous letter as a source. Everyone should consider the source before taking action.

Words matter. You will not see me go so low or so negative in my campaign. What we write and what we say are a reflection of our character and our values. I’m a positive person and will not go negative regardless of the tactics of others.

Our elections should be about the character of the candidates and the positions they take. I’m confident putting my character, experience and positions to the voters and let the residents of Ward 1 decide the next representative on City Council.

Macke Bentley


Editor’s note: The letter to the editor referred to above was not anonymous.

Cringing at vision of new buildings

Letter writers Anthony Brown and Don Miller apparently are thrilled by the new Chick-fil-A building on Solon Road. I cringe every time I drive through the intersection of SOM Center and Solon Roads and see that two-story yellow brick monstrosity. Separately, they criticize Councilman Doug Magill for voting against that structure but never consider that he has a vision of Solon that’s superior to theirs or Ward 1 City Council candidate Macke Bentley. Nor do they consider how much business the Mr. Chicken franchise is losing because of the competition.  

Surely we need new and successful businesses in Solon, and Chick-fil-A appears to be doing just great, judging from the long lines of drive-thru cars around the building throughout the day. But to praise Macke Bentley – an architect and chairman of Solon’s Planning Commission – for promoting the building of that structure says a lot about the letter writers and Mr. Bentley’s tastes. Others may concur with them. I’ve heard a rumor that a committee of residents from Chagrin Falls recently visited Solon to view our Chick-fil-A in the hope of building a similar structure on the current triangle in their town’s center, only they will make their structure three-stories high just to out-perform Solon.

At the same time, at issue in Solon are plans to develop the property around the old Liberty Ford space. While I appreciate and support Mayor Edward H. Kraus’s enthusiasm for developing Solon, I question his taste and vision. After all, Eddie Kraus was an enthusiastic supporter of the horrifying Coral project, as well as the dishonestly promoted Fountains project until financial issues derailed the Coral developers and an overwhelming vote of Solon residents sank the Fountains. Certainly something needs to be built on and around the Liberty Ford land. But a hotel and a 200-unit apartment building as the city’s centerpiece? The developer (as well as the mayor) minimized the parking issue and potential traffic problems at a recent public meeting on that property. The proposed apartment building alone will require at least 400 parking spaces, while a hotel and nearby new businesses would require 200 or more spaces. I haven’t seen any plans for where those 600 spaces will fit.

Nevertheless, in anticipation of Solon residents approving the rezoning of that area, I understand that plans are underway to build a 100-foot tower at the center of that property, with a glass-enclosed platform at the top so that residents and visitors to our great city can view the new – and largest – parking lot in town. In honor of our mayor, the tower will be named the Eddie Observatory. An unnamed member of the City Council is rumored to have proposed a taco and fruit smoothie stand for the center of the top of the observatory, which may or may not evolve, depending on the whims of the Solon Planning Commission.

Don Gallo


Don’t rush development plan

While I am not opposed to the mixed-use development concept, I recommend that Solon residents vote against Issue 65. I have been consistent in this position having cast a “no” vote at city council to send this rezoning proposal to the ballot.

What I stated before casting my vote was while I liked the concept of office space combined with retail and restaurants, I was concerned about high density “market rate, multi-family” apartments in one small area and the impact they could have on the Solon schools in terms of enrollment and associated costs.

Issue 65’s sales pitch is it could fill a demand with up to 200 upscale apartment units to attract young professionals to this area. Given the lack of nearby upscale amenities I consider this thought process to be flawed. 

The Liberty Ford property certainly needs to be redeveloped, and I am very open to working with the developer on a more well thought and less rushed mixed-use development plan next year. Issue 65 is not the answer now.

Marc R Kotora

Ward 4 Councilman

Vote for Macke Bentley

We can do better than Doug Magill on Solon City Council.

This is a time when we need leaders that will keep the City of Solon moving forward and not hold it back. Magill’s own words and actions have no place in a leadership role in our city.  The most recent example of Magill’s backward thinking was his “no” vote on Council against the Chick-Fil-A project – but there are others.  

In Solon, female residents make up over 51 percent of the community, and it’s hard to imagine Magill looking out for their best interests. Magill is on the Board of Alternaterm, a Crisis Pregnancy Center. According to NARAL (, crisis pregnancy centers are “fake health-care clinics that lie to, shame and intentionally mislead women about their reproductive-health-care options to block them from accessing abortion care.”  We can do better in Solon than having leaders that intentionally mislead and lie to people instead of providing accurate and unbiased information.

Also, Magill published an article on Oct. 21, 2016 in The Affluent Christian Investor in response to the Trump Access Hollywood tapes and he states: “I don’t recall as much crocodile-tear outrage over a man’s words since the early days of the ‘feminist revolution’ and the lame attempts and angst by the nerdy guys trying to get laid with their militant girlfriends.” We deserve more empathy and less misogyny from our local leaders than Magill has shown over the years.

When Magill lost the Mayor’s race in 2014 by 10 points city-wide, he also lost the vote count in his home Ward 1. The voters know there are better candidates than Magill. It’s time for voters in Ward 1 to step up again and reject his candidacy this year. We’re fortunate to have an alternative on the ballot this year and his name is Macke Bentley.  

Vote Macke Bentley for City Council in Ward 1. The entire city will thank you.

Kimberly Lesko


Chuha, Grau deserve re-election

This November, voters will again be asked to select councilmen for the City of Chardon. Current council members Deborah Chuha and Christopher Grau are seeking re-election. Both of these individuals have served the citizens of Chardon well during the last four years. Both have served with honesty and integrity. Both have always acted with the best interest of Chardon citizens uppermost in their minds. Both have a strong history of where Chardon has been, with a clear vision of what Chardon yet can be. We strongly urge Chardon voters to join us in voting for Deborah Chuha and Christopher Grau on November 5.

Dave and Freddie Lelko


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