State House needs scientific literacy

So what else do you believe, Sarah?  Maybe that the earth is flat and held up along the edges by turtles? 

I look forward to “meet the candidates” nights prior to each election as it gives me an opportunity to ask candidates questions and evaluate their responses. I was especially curious about hearing from Sarah Fowler, who ran for the district 7 slot on the Ohio School Board of Education. Rumors were she was being supported by the creationist community, so I was especially interested in questioning her and hearing her responses when interacting with the attending audience. I asked her if she believed dinosaurs, such as the Tyrannosaurus rex, existed at the same time as humans on this earth. To my amazement she stated she did believe this. Perhaps she learned this at the creationist museum in Kentucky that I’m told has an exhibit showing a human riding on the back of a brontosaurus or similar dinosaur. I was further amazed when she won the election for the position on the State Board of Education.

For over 100 years it has been settled science that dinosaurs became extinct around 60 million years ago or so, and even the rather primitive human ancestors have only been around for 5 million years or so. Any mammals existing at the time of the dinosaurs were likely small shrew-like creatures. This is long settled science, as settled as the fact that the earth orbits around the sun rather than the other way around. We have to ask ourselves if someone with such an ignorance or disregard for the scientific method should be on our state school board.

Now it seems that Miss Fowler is planning on running for the State House seat presently held by Mr. John Patterson. With all the critical problems facing our people and our earth’s systems it’s more important than ever to elect people who are critical thinkers, scientifically literate and knowledgeable about earth systems and our state’s problems. Miss Fowler is unlikely to meet those standards. We don’t need more people in the statehouse who are basically good at following the orders of the majority leader and voting for bills that will only increase the difficulty of solving problems that are looming before us.

Oh, and Sarah! What do you suppose those turtles are standing on? Maybe the backs of other turtles that are standing on the backs of other turtles that are standing on the back of other turtles ... ad infinitum?

John G. Augustine

Parkman Township

Give everyone a voice

At a Newbury Local School District board meeting earlier this year, I took the time to ask the treasurer a simple question. I asked about the two renewal levies (1.8 mills and 1.3 mills) that the school board president refuses to put on the ballot. I asked her if we dropped the larger of the two levies and renewed the lower one, would we be in the black (financially stable) through 2025? This would allow the tax payers to see lower tax rates and provide an independent small school in Newbury.

Her answer was one word. Yes.

It seemed so simple to me. It seemed like a great compromise to the on-going situation in our divided community to allow everyone a win. Why can’t we go this route? Why can’t we try to heal this community divide by giving both sides a little of what they want? A recent article by a local resident demonstrated the fear of those that are trying to get the territory transfer (not a merger) passed quietly when she said, “If someone asks you to sign a referendum, please say no thank you.” Why? Why can’t the long-time residents like me (who have lived here since 1970 and also graduated from Newbury School) be allowed to vote on what happens with our school? Why can’t the people of Newbury have a voice in this issue?

I too am an active member in the community. The resident also said, “I had more opportunities at my school in the mid-1960’s to mid-1970’s than our son had in Newbury in the 1990’s.”

What were these opportunities? I went to John Carroll University after graduating from Newbury. What opportunities did I miss? Is a Division III private college a bad thing? I don’t understand. I like the small school and small community that I live in. I like the teacher to student ratio at Newbury and I like the residents here, but what I don’t like is someone telling me I have to accept the decision made by three school board members of what happens to my third-grader who just happens to love her school. I don’t like when I am told that I don’t have a voice in what happens in my community. I hope others feel the same way and support a referendum to allow everyone a chance to vote on what happens in Newbury.

Phil Paradise


Truth distorted

With all due respect to Mike Carlton, it is sad to hear how President Donald Trump haters distort facts to slam our duly elected president. When he accuses him of telling the “women of color” to go back where they came from is another example of how the liberal media distorts things to serve their own narrative. To be clear, President Trump said, “If they don’t like our country, they can leave, let them leave.”

How can a person’s hatred for this president be so great that they would rather have higher taxes, bigger government, weaker military, ISIS running loose, millions on food stamps, millions out of the workforce, bad trade deals, bad VA treatment, stifling regulations, etc.? All things eliminated in just 2 1/2 years.

Julian Kindred

Chagrin Falls

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